De Vere

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De Vere Online

As part of our ongoing relationship with De Vere group we were asked to enhance the online experience for customers.


Part of a long-lasting relationship

We'd already been working with De Vere for some time when the hotel company was bought by AHG. We were retained and asked to develop a new site that satisfied their ambitious plans for the brand.


The Big Number

We increased online sales by 40%

The site overhaul as part of our integrated work for the De Vere brand online delivered large, tangible returns through improved effectiveness.



A challenging brief

Our brief was quite a tricky one; as well as buying De Vere, AHG had also bought Verve Venues (a meeting and conferences brand) and wanted to merge the two companies. Our task was to realise this vision without losing loyal customers from either brand by confusing them or diluting the brand experience they had previously enjoyed. In addition to this, De Vere had decided to split the product offering, creating two levels of leisure experience with a range of hotel products to suit different customer groups.



A mix of business and pleasure

The website was carefully designed based on thorough user research, conducted in our usability lab. We worked hard, investigating different customer types, understanding their motivations, and developing the site architecture around the information we had gathered in order to create a site that was elegant and intuitive to use.

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Big numbers

40% sales growth year-on-year

The new site delivered in spades, boasting features that engaged the visitor with a seductive, luxurious animation to introduce the new brand; interactive maps and golf course guides to provide more information in an interesting and easy to use way; and finally, a completely overhauled route to booking that streamlined the process from entry to sale. As well as growing sales, the site drove higher value bookings too – increasing the average order value by over 120%.