De Vere SEO


De Vere SEO

De Vere Hotels wanted to expand the reach of their 4 & 5 star hotel portfolio to a new range of consumers - to generate incremental bookings - through natural search.


Extending the reach

Equator was briefed to extend the reach of the SEO campaign into new areas. Through consultation, it was determined that the objective of the campaign would be to embrace generic search terms within the website and deliver incremental sales. The objectives were to increase visitors to the site year-on-year by an average of 10%.


The big number

The campaign delivered £46 for every £1 invested

The returns were achieved through attracting 1.25m incremental visitors and delivering over 13,000 additional bookings.



An integrated approach

Every aspect of the De Vere website was analysed creating a strong 'on-site strategy'. The on-site strategy was to give search engines and users the best experience on the website; aiding not only the natural search results of the website but also its ability to convert visitors into sales.

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Attracting the right customers

Our strategy was built around an understanding that on-site SEO must take account of all other market channels and is not solely about gaining website hits, but more getting the right visitors. Through a thorough investigation into the customer, the brand offering and the search landscape we were to deliver visitors to the site that maximised sales volume and value.

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The keyword strategy

Our strategy focussed around ensuring that the website maximised visibility for all brand related search terms. We targeted 'location' related search traffic and delivered it directly to the most appropriate hotels within the portfolio. We targeted 'activity' related search traffic - such as golf breaks, etc to attract more traffic with a propensity to generate higher average bookings values.

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Bringing the campaign to life

The core elements of our approach involved enhancing the way the site and its content was structured. We re-focused of all Title Data to improve search engine positioning. We re-targeting of all Meta Data to improve click through rate from search engine positions. We enhanced the use of header tags and ensured all content units were effectively tagged as well as improving the keyword relevancy of the web pages. We also reframed Calls to action improve conversion and developed 'linkable' content within the press area of the site.

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Big numbers

A stunning (search) result

Needless to say De Vere hotels were delighted with the results the campaign achieved. Based on year-on-year performance, Equator had used Organic Search Engine Positioning to Increase traffic by over 400% resulting in 1.25 million incremental visitors. Overall the campaign delivered over £3.6 million in bookings and gave De Vere an astounding ROI of 46:1!

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