Working with DeAgostini to create an online community dedicated to model-makers.


A new digital model-making community

De Agostini approached us to create a new modelling community which would initially launch with ship-modelling content. This was the first phase in the roll-out of many new model brands for De Agostini.


The big number

18 forums in just 3 months

We were delighted to see that within just three months of launch the forum gained over 3,000 posts across 324 topics in 18 forums.



Firsts for DeAgostini

There were several objectives for the ModelSpace site. Firstly we would work with DeAgostini to create their first ever online only partwork. This partwork would be housed within the new online community and at launch would be dedicated to shipbuilding. Achieving these goals would reduce cost to deliver for DeAgostini as well as enable them to build greater retention and ability to monetise their offering.



A scalable solution

We developed assets for the shipbuilding partwork and built the new online community in a way that would allow them to effortlessly scale the network as more partworks and communities were added.


Big numbers

A truly sticky experience

DeAgostini enjoy highly engaged audiences of model-builders and this new site, designed to tap into these groups and give them a platform to share ideas, showed the extent of this. From a standing start, within just the first quarter, we saw over 3000 posts across 324 topics in 18 different forums. The site was not only fulfilling DeAgostini’s objectives but making a real difference to model-makers everywhere.