Clydesdale Bank

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Cracking the Vault

Transforming Clydesdale Bank’s sponsorship with The SSE Hydro, The Vault campaign moved away from the old ticket giveaways to focus on engagement.


Adding interest

Clydesdale Bank feared its partnership with The SSE Hydro has become a prize giving vehicle, missing the opportunity to engage with the audience on an emotive and aspirational level. Instead of just giving away tickets to events, it was decided to focus on an ‘upgrade’, tying into the excitement of those already going to an event. People were offered the chance for an on-the-night upgrade to an exclusive box – The Vault - by sending a selfie from the arena using the hashtag #GetMeInTheVault. This tapped directly into the pre-event anticipation, driving engagement and adding to the aspirational element.


The Big Number

Over 10k selfies in 10 months

The aim of the project was to get people involved and invested in Clydesdale Bank’s sponsorship of The SSE Hydro. In the 10 months since launch of the on-the-night upgrade, over 10,000 selfies have been snapped using that #GetMeInTheVault hashtag, creating a sense of excitement and ownership around The Vault. Thanks to a focus on user generated content, The Vault and Clydesdale Bank are now front-of-mind to gig-goers in The SSE Hydro.

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Taking it to the bank

The challenge was finding a way to make the public interested in the bank’s partnership, and to create meaningful engagement. To take it away from simply winning tickets, we decided to focus on those who are truly excited about events: those who buy pre-sale tickets, those who love a night singing along to their favourite band. With research showing that 85% of event-attendees take pictures, we decided to make this an entry mechanism to win an upgrade – making people’s nights out even better.

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Money-can’t-buy experiences

While there is the opportunity to apply online in advance to upgrade to The Vault, we thought that excitement about an event is more likely to happen on the day, especially while at the venue. Therefore, applying instantly on social media with a photo, was the best solution to get people engaged with Clydesdale Bank, while promoting The Vault as an aspirational place to be. Offline, a red sofa, designed to look like the seating in The Vault, was placed in entrance area of The SSE Hydro, with promo staff encouraging entries and engagement.

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Bank on us.

Over 2.8m people have been reached on social media through Clydesdale Bank’s promotion of The Vault, with over 10,000 entries from people looking to get upgraded. Almost two-fifths (38%) of all engagement on Clydesdale Bank’s social channels in 2016 came from #GetMeInTheVault entries and interactions, showcasing the popularity of the project and its success in capturing the appetite of the consumers, and their enthusiasm to make events a perfect night out.