Dalata: Clayton Hotels


Email Marketing Strategy

Tapping into industry-leading campaigns to drive bookings and increase loyalty.


The Challenge.

Since 2017, Equator have worked with Clayton Hotels to deliver a comprehensive, industry leading-email marketing strategy that focuses on innovational welcome, loyalty, re-engagement and promotional campaign user journeys and content. A particular form of customer modelling campaign, RFM, was a major focus on driving conversion and retention in Clayton Hotel’s guests. This powerful type of email marketing modelling campaign is at the forefront of the travel and leisure sector marketing practices.


Clayton Hotels had been sending campaigns from a hotel-level perspective with little group-level work, meaning developing and executing campaigns were naturally scattered and lacked consistency across the group. Email metric KPIs were most often failing to meet industry standard benchmarks. There was a real need to develop a stronger strategy, identify user journey opportunities and enhance the engagement KPIs across email marketing campaigns.



Consistent, high-performing campaigns based on relevancy.

Equator identified and developed campaign opportunities that mapped full user journeys across a content-focused and promotional calendar. Equator looked to generate campaigns that would not only encourage high ROIs but to also effectively segment and analyse existing customer data to ensure maximum conversion and retention of list assets. Marketing automation and user experience personalisation were central aspects to the campaign strategies to create optimal relevancy and thus increase engagement.



Success through segmented and targeted campaign user journeys.

Success in the campaigns came from carefully identifying user touchpoints, stages in the lifecycle and segmentation based on email engagement and customer behaviour such as spend amount, frequency and recency.


Some of the highlights from the strategy included kicking off Clayton Hotels’ first RFM modelled full user journey campaign. Equator also implemented a full end to end re-engagement campaign that spans 18+ months of users based on their audience segments, campaign and booking engagement. We developing the email communications of the Click on Clayton loyalty program launch and continued nurturing of various target audiences. This generated 42% of overall members. Lastly, intertwining promotional content campaigns across the above audience matrix and touchpoints, drove interest and action through heightened relevancy and personalisation practices.



Smashing industry benchmarks and a great ROI.

Email KPIs continued to peak and smash industry benchmarks. Campaigns saw open rates as high as 3 times the industry average, click rates as high as 7 times the industry average and an email marketing ROI of €11.5:1. Customer loyalty and overall engagement has improved, with an increase in higher-spending customers.

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