High performance design

Working with Budget, we enhanced the design effectiveness of the car rental experience and created a design system to ensure it was consistently applied.


Enhanced UX and coherent design system

Budget’s car rental website had been around for quite a while when we started working with them. They came to us with two challenges. Firstly, to improve the performance of their booking engine. And secondly, to create a design system that defined the rules that any page on any Budget site must follow to ensure a consistent experience for all customers.

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Under the skin of a global enterprise

To achieve their objectives, we needed to understand, and work with, lots of unfamiliar international localisation rules and requirements to service the many regions they occupy worldwide. On top of this we had to work closely with a range of other companies providing specific support in the areas that keep the service up and running.


Success through open collaboration

We began by creating a single team ethos between Budget and all the companies involved. This was essential to creating a detailed understanding of the many hurdles we were going to face. Having gained a clear definition of the challenges, we began developing wireframes based on early usability research. These were retested and immediately showed notable improvements.


Prototyping & validation

Throughout the process we had to validate our designs to ensure they could deliver a rich experience as well as accommodate the many language and localisation variations. Once the final designs for each stage in the booking flow were complete we worked with Budget's technical development partner in Germany to build the pages.

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Ensuring a consistent experience

With so many international offices it is important that a brand like Budget can effectively control their brand. To support them in this effort, we produced a design system that explains the exact details of all elements. Creating this document in conjunction with the design, ensured that all components were clearly explained but the overall scheme was not so restrictive that it would lead to regions breaking the rules to solve local issues.

Big numbers

An elegant design that delivered

The impact of our design improvements was felt across the business. The conversion rate on the car rental booking journey was improved and the learnings were successfully translated to all Budget’s regional variants. The result being a highly effective and elegantly consistent experience for Budget customers, wherever they are.

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