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Boots Hearingcare online

A pair of new sites designed to turn up the volume on hearing aid sales for both Boots & David Ormerod.


A helping hand for hearing aids

When approached by Boots and David Ormerod and asked to maximise hearing aid sales for both brands, we were excited by the challenge to create something that would be a great help to their customers.

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Two sites, one CMS

Each website was to have its own distinctive web design; however we had to ensure the components of each site were similar and easy for David Ormerod Healthcare to manage as both sites would be using the same CMS.

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Aligning the experience

Although the two sites had different designs, we designed them to share key functions to create a properly integrated experience. Both sites offered 'find a store', 'book a test', and even an 'online hearing test' functionality. All this was backed up with engaging content pieces on the benefits of the product and the aftercare that could be provided.

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Big numbers

Efficient and easy to use

The sites were built using a single installation of Umbraco to enable efficient management of both. With different promotions on each site during different seasons, it was important that the team at David Ormerod Healthcare had full control when updating the sites. To make sure they could make the most of the setup we also ran training with the team. It’s a project that we’re very proud of; it made a difference to the teams in both businesses and made life a little easier for their audience.