BOC Edwards

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Transforming the digital estate for BOC Edwards with user-centred design.


A user-focused vision for BOC Edwards

This large development and SAP integration project began with one simple realisation; that big business-to-business organisations like BOC Edwards tend to think of their website as a visualisation of their corporate structure.



Site structure ≠ Corporate structure

Having worked with customers and the internal team, we began to realise there was a gap emerging. We found that if you were to print out the architecture diagram of the website we inherited and compare it with the organisational chart of the business, the two would be almost identical. And we knew this wasn't what customers wanted.



Put the customer first – sounds obvious, doesn’t it?

Everyone talks about putting the customer first, but when considering a B2B site like this, it’s easy to see how modelling around the corporate structure makes sense. After all, it’s how the customer relationships are organised and how people interact with the business offline. Also, there isn’t just one customer persona, there are hundreds. Our proposal was to generate a thorough understanding of customers, personas and their journeys and create a site that enabled them to navigate the way they wanted.


Big numbers

An information superstore

When we looked at things from an audience perspective, we found an emergent structure that resembled a shop. A place where products could be searched and filtered. Some could be directly purchasable and others could act as a gateway to related content & services. In short, almost all interactions were product related and organising things this way transformed the customer experience. The result was a huge increase in engagement and satisfied customers in markets around the world.