Berghaus Targeted PPC

Our tailored Pay-Per-Click campaign capitalised on brand search volumes to drastically improve the quality of ads, gain top position and drive sales up by 39%.


Targeted PPC ads enhances quality and compels customers to covert

Outdoor specialists Berghaus operated in a highly competitive space for brand terms. Bidding on them was costly and quickly consumed their budget. They needed a Pay-Per-Click strategy to build and protect their brand presence in search and maximise their budget. But the approach also needed to be flexible enough to extend beyond brand terms to include unique terms that could drive additional revenue. So we focused on identifying their key audience to understand their interests. We then created highly relevant ads targeting this audience to compel them to covert after clicking.


The Big Number

Increased revenue by 32%

The market was extremely competitive. So tossing out the same terms simply wasn’t working. Taking a step back to better understand the brand’s core audience let us identify how we could operate their PPC ads differently to maximise effectiveness. Our new flexible strategy achieved a 32% increase in revenue and a 39% increase in sales over the entire campaign.



Driving sales with enticing ads that direct people where they need to go

When it came to the overcrowded brand space, Berghaus wasn’t often at the top of searches. We needed to change this. Competitors used strong, offer-driven messaging to grab people’s attention. But we knew it wasn’t just about luring people in. We needed give the right people exactly what they wanted to get them to take action. So we focused on creating PPC ads that both enticed and guided people directly to the page they were most likely to make a purchase on. Improving conversion gave us the extra edge and freed up budget to invest in generic terms related to their product.



Make buying even easier – but keep it relevant to searches.

Reviewing search traffic revealed the keyword terms people used – incidentally ones that were not being specifically targeted within old PPC campaigns. So we changed the target to match. This instantly improved the relevancy and the quality score of the ads, catapulting Berghaus back into top position for their own brand terms. We also used sitelink ad extensions to direct people to other products that were still relevant to their searches – so buying became that much easier.


Big Numbers

Improved ads result in 380% more clicks in first 4 months

A tailored PPC strategy allowed Berghaus to target ads more effectively, gain top position and generate an increased Click-Through-Rate (CTR). In fact, over the two-year campaign, clicks climbed by 15%, also driving up sales. More relevant quality ads costed less and freed up budget so that Berghaus could experiment with generics and target new customers, which was instrumental in growing the brand.