Barrhead Travel

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Putting the Barrhead Travel brand on the map

Our revolutionary PR and social media campaign helped Barrhead Travel take flight to achieve their best direct marketing results.


Transforming idle followers into enthusiastic brand champions

As one of the UK’s biggest travel companies, Barrhead Travel has over 60 shops dotted across the country. They’re a well-loved favourite in Scotland but needed help boosting their brand south of the border. Lack of social media strategy meant that although they had lots of followers, engagement was low. Our aligned PR and social strategy sparked UK-wide interest, highlighted the unique benefits of booking securely with Barrhead and created a direct route to market holidays.


The Big Number

90% increase in engagement

Our integrated social strategy quickly revealed what followers’ interests, likes and dislikes were. We tailored marketing content according to this and inspired people to book in droves. We saw referrals from social media increase 47% and reached 20 million people. And that was just in the first 12 months.

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Clear goals – even if they differ – put the customer at the centre

A one-size fits all solution isn’t the answer. Our series of workshops revealed different priorities for different segments of the travel company. Some wanted to raise brand awareness, others wanted to concentrate on selling and others even touched on things like foreign currency. And these differences were fine. Goals could differ as long as they shared a common thread. In this case the customers’ happiness. Our strategy recognised what travellers wanted – value, simplicity and peace of mind.

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Creating brand appeal that sticks

We used social media as the fun and informative vehicle for taking our PR strategy to the masses. Creative but consistent messaging helped build brand recognition and loyalty in new areas. Fostering relationships with the right consumer media, business press and influencers was also important. Relevant content was a catalyst for getting Barrhead’s message in front of the right audience. News releases turned into features to raise their profile even further. And we kept people engaged with updates about deals and offers and tapped into paid promotions to target relevant types of customers.

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Big Numbers

6-month social media transformation

In only six months, social media grew into Barrhead’s most successful direct marketing outlet. No longer just a Scottish favourite, the travel company is now helping eager travellers across the UK book dream holidays.