AXA PPP Healthcare

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An agency partner for the long-run

10 years a partner in innovation and collaboration. Equator and AXA PPP healthcare grow on a shared belief in always testing, always learning.


Mighty oaks from little acorns grow

With a foundation of just a simple affiliate programme, Equator & AXA PPP have since worked together on websites, marketing campaigns, development, social, content, interactives and a lot more. As we enter the tenth year of our great relationship, we continue to work very closely with their enthusiastic and dynamic eMarketing team on more websites, development and marketing. But we’re also working together to test out and explore the potential of new technologies such as iBeacons, chatbots and a lot more. Their spirit of exploration coupled with our connected team of can-do people has led to some big numbers across the years.


The Big Number

Over 120 projects in a decade

Over 120 projects in almost ten years. Around a dozen websites, 7 years of SEO, social media strategies, interactive content pieces, mobile developments, back-end developments, technical innovations, collaborations and a whole lot more. The biggest numbers with AXA PPP revolve around the volume of work we have done together. And that reflects in the growth of AXA PPP’s digital business, the size and scope of their team and the reach they now have. With the help of our long-term partnership, AXA PPP lead healthcare globally for AXA and have one of the largest and most respected sites in the group.

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Understanding ambitions

The secret of our long, successful relationship is in our understanding of the complex and nuanced nature of private healthcare, and in getting to really understand AXA PPP’s ambition to be more than an insurer but a health and wellbeing partner that helps you Live Life Well.

They have always understood we can deliver on digital and, over the years we’ve delivered many functional projects that prove that point. But for a relationship to stay strong into its 10th year, it’s about the connections we have made with their team, with their ambitions and with their challenges that helps us maintain it.

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Adding innovation

Every agency says they will go beyond the brief to ‘wow’ the client. A WOW is easily achieved – an ROI is harder. So we look to AXA PPP’s challenges to help us form our ideas. Every blue chip business has legacy, has infrastructure and has process. It doesn’t always keep up with digital trends and pace and AXA is no different. But their eBusiness team look to us to find solutions that keep them on the cutting edge whilst considering their limitations and restrictions. This means they can get on with modernising their business whilst we deliver customer facing innovation.

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Big Numbers

10 years together

Fastest growing channel in the business, leading eBusiness team globally, first UK healthcare provider on social media, first UK healthcare provider with mobile claims management, the list goes on. In our 100+ projects together, we have so many superlatives we don’t have enough room to share them here. But the number we’re most proud of is 10 – the amount of years we’ve been working together.

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