AXA PPP Healthcare

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Innovation Strategy

We developed a strategy for AXA PPP to transform their customer experience with seamless multi-channel processes, creating more opportunities to connect with their customers.


AXA PPP wanted to deliver paths to long-term cost savings whilst giving members access to new services and paths to interaction. The reason for this was to meet the demands of Ambition AXA / 2020 to transform the customer experience by creating quick and simple seamless multichannel processes, developing new services, creating more opportunities to interact with their customers and the “Focus” goal by “improving competitiveness, controlling costs and optimising technical margins”.



Recognising the unstoppable transition to mobile and the need to make AXA PPP’s online acquisition and servicing capabilities more visible to a younger, savvy mobile audience, we knew that the time was right for a virtual assistant (chatbot). Our innovation team had already developed working prototypes for clients in the banking and energy sectors.


Collaborating closely with AXA PPP’s digital team, March ‘17 saw us develop a prototype which could take a prospect through the quote and buy process in a matter of a few questions and give the user a price. This offered the potential to allow AXA PPP’s ‘quote & buy’ to travel almost anywhere - on the AXA PPP site, on social channels and beyond. AXA PPP quickly recognised the opportunity this presented and we got to work developing a fully working robust and secure solution that is now live on the AXA PPP site. Unobtrusive but perfectly designed for a mobile audience, it guides people through quotes without the need for long, arduous forms. It’s secure, AXA-hosted and, importantly, has expansion capabilities.



Whilst too new to demonstrate volume results, the assistant is set to deliver long term cost savings and better opportunities to interact with AXA PPP’s customers in the way it is designed. As this project expands, it is designed to improve its intelligence, appear on more of the 6,000+ pages on the AXA PPP healthcare site, smartly interjecting itself with conversation relevant to the page and guiding new visitors to a relevant quote conversation.



Further down the line, as we get the capability to integrate with COL and MOL (as above), we will be able to surface member servicing capabilities in a far more user-friendly and lean interface. And within the AXA PPP digital team, there are further plans to integrate symptom-finder capabilities into a smart assistant so that AXA PPP’s goal to deliver healthcare pathways for its members become realisable in a digital environment.


This will improve member satisfaction at the point of claim, reduce load on call centre and overall reduce costs to the business as more members are directed to more appropriate and less costly claim paths. This approach will genuinely transform the private healthcare space in the UK and position AXA PPP as a technical and customer service leader in this space.

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