AXA PPP Beacons App

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Driving greater member engagement at the point of care.

When AXA PPP wanted to get closer to their members at the point of care, beacons were an obvious choice to engage members when they needed the greatest support.
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The Challenge.

Some time ago, we worked together with AXA PPP to develop a member services mobile app. It was the first in the UK market to offer the ability to submit documents, fast track appointments and more. However, as time progressed, these services had been superseded by mobile web-based capabilities. Our challenge was to build a new, lightweight foundation for the next level of member engagement.

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Future proofed and flexible smart screens.

Our strategy recognised that there was a yawning gap in the member servicing that extended to the point of claim. None of the UK PMI providers made much effort to maintain a dialogue with their customers at the most critical time, when that customer was receiving care from a hospital provider. We knew from understanding the challenges laid from the AXA PPP digital team, that we could formulate an app approach based on cutting-edge IOT beacon-driven technology and we could extend the member conversation into the hospitals. Bringing AXA PPP to the point of care would be another UK first and bring them closer to being a healthcare partner to their members.

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Being with the customer through technology.

From this insight, we developed a 3-stage app development plan starting with a basic location-based servicing layer with seamless links to AXA PPP’s member servicing platforms. This stage is now live with real-world trials going on in a number of Nuffield properties across the UK, servicing the member with personalised messages based on their respective Nuffield location.


Our longer-term goal is to take that integration further within the partner healthcare providers, passing member attendance information to them, driven by our app. This will allow the member to have a touchless, fast flowing visit to their facilities, allowing them to announce their arrival seamlessly and discretely, express their preferences and needs to the on-premise staff and ensure that AXA PPP automatically receive a notification that a claim has been “cashed in” and that they can then process the payments due without human intervention. This will lower processing costs for both AXA PPP healthcare and the provider as well as improve the care journey exclusively for AXA PPP members.

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Better service for users and hospital partners.

As a project in its early stages and in development, the results and elements of its deployment remain confidential. However, through vigorous user testing and feedback from analytics, we are seeing an increase in user engagement, dwell time and interaction with the app’s functionalities compared to pre-deployment. Additionally, our hospital partners have found deployment to be unobtrusive, straightforward and offering a better service to their users.