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AXA Business Insurance

Can you resuscitate a dead website? Is it over when Google hits you with multiple penalties? Our challenge from AXA BI was to fix the damage done by their previous agency and make the search channel profitable again


Fixing the damage

From multiple penalties to multiple awards and multiple-digit channel growth. Our pitch five years ago to AXA BI came with a cynical and untrusting audience. They had just seen their incumbent agency lead them into a world of multiple Google penalties, their site fully delisted from Google and with their agency team none the wiser as to how to rectify the situation. Why should we be any better than their previous agency who had promised so much and let them down so badly. And here was us promising some substantial growth figures...


The Big Number

267% growth of organic sales in 2 years

We convinced AXA BI to sign by laying down half our fee as a guarantee of results. We knew it would take a lot for them to believe us, so we said we would own the risk. They wanted out of penalty and to see a substantial ROI within 12 months. Our 20+ team of SEOers looked at their challenges and agreed, it could be done. And we knew how. Want big numbers? Out of penalty in under six weeks. In the top 10 for core terms at six months. Surpassed their revenue target in month 11. Delivered a 267% growth of organic sales in two years. Fast forward four years, we have delivered further growth year on year, collaborated on some award-winning content marketing and continue to grow our relationship.

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Shared problems lead to shared solutions

With our knowledge of how AXA worked from our five years with AXA PPP and with our forensic, robust and laborious approach to link management, we knew what needed to be done to get their site moving again, and how we could engage the client to help us achieve that. Our strongest connections are always with our clients. And when there is a shared problem, there’s a shared spirit of collaboration. AXA BI broke the mould and helped us turn round challenges incredibly fast – setting the standard for the UK business unit and leading us to record-breaking success.

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A collaborative approach

Once we had worked together to return the site to Google, we had a real spirit of can-do between us. AXA BI have a real experimental, fail-fast culture and we exploited this to test and try new approaches to content, to UX and much more to improve their results. We knew we could not deliver our targets on search positions alone. This required a collaborative approach to conversion rate optimisation and AXA BI’s team were the perfect partner.


Big Numbers

Award winning work

Along with the multiple big number accolades, we worked together and succeeded in massively improving the conversion rate of their purchase funnels, collaborated with their internal team on improving efficiencies in PPC and helped test and reach new online markets. And with our engaging, award-winning content, we helped give AXA BI the highest brand recognition score they had ever seen.

We also won The Drum Search Awards 'Best Financial Campaign' 2015, and The Drum Marketing Awards 'SEO Strategy of the Year' 2016 for our work on AXA BI.

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