AXA Business Insurance


Creative-led SEO Strategy: ‘Unluckiest Van’

Modernising the brand’s approach to SEO to better engage with SMEs and enhance AXA BI’s market position.


The Challenge.

AXA Business Insurance is a leading UK insurance provider that specialises in protection for SMEs. Market research has shown that SMEs are increasingly choosing to go direct to insurers rather than using insurance brokers.


Equator started working with AXA Business Insurance in January 2014, having been approached to help revitalise organic search performance and assist in transitioning the business product to the site.


With a substantial volume of content to successfully migrate and languishing organic search rankings due to a historically dated approach to SEO, Equator were tasked with bringing a fresh approach that put modern SEO best practice at the forefront.


The approach had to be insightful, engage with the market place and maintain and enhance AXA Business Insurance’s market position.



An innovative creative-led campaign.

Combining SEO experience and foresight of where SEO was going as a channel with leading creative ability, Equator developed a strategy to deliver an innovative, creative-led SEO campaign that would help AXA Business Insurance transform the way it engages with customers online.


With a strategic plan of SEO activity based around creating engaging, customer focused content campaigns, Equator worked with the AXA Business Insurance team to deliver one of the best years in the company’s history in 2015.


In order to ensure high quality link building and effective long-tail search targeting, the creative content campaigns were supported by in-depth article content and enhanced service page content.

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The mishaps of the white van man.

The strategy led to the creation of five attention-grabbing content campaigns in 2015, each focusing on one of the core products in AXA Business Insurance’s portfolio; business insurance, van insurance and landlord insurance.


The award-winning ‘Unluckiest Van’ video series was just one of these content campaigns, a video series on the ‘mishaps of the white van man’ – the most accident-prone of AXA Business Insurance’s target audience. The campaign led to a 214% month-on-month increase in van driver insurance sales online.



Best Financial Services SEO Campaign.

The SEO campaign Equator delivered for AXA Business Insurance not only set new standards of customer engagement, winning big at The Drum Search Awards for Best Financial Services SEO Campaign, but it also smashed key performance targets too!


Total search revenue increased 192% year-on-year and total traffic increased 36% year-on-year. Total sales for the year increased 68% year-on-year while we achieved improved key organic search rankings for highly competitive keywords.

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