Landlord Insurance Content-led SEO Strategy

Working closely with AXA’s content team, we delivered a content-led SEO strategy for AXA Business Insurance that resulted in a 581% uplift in organic traffic over 5 months.


A collaborative process.

The need for this project was identified though the low search visibility of AXA’s Landlord Insurance section, which was causing this product to underperform. After analysing customer data from AXA, it was decided that an approach to target first time landlords would be beneficial. This project was a collaborative effort from Equator and AXA's content team.


The Big Number.

Landlord insurance sales from this campaign alone.

This activity has also cemented AXA as the authoritative resource for landlords, gaining them 12 spots in featured snippets and over 25 position 1 rankings.

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Creating relatable content for first time landlords.

We were given the brief to create relatable content that landlords would find both educational and informative and would be delivered in an engaging way. This is already a highly saturated and competitive market, so establishing share of voice was going to be a challenge.


We still believed there was an opportunity for AXA to become the authoritative resource for all types of landlords by delivering straightforward, impartial and easy-to-read guides.





Becoming an authoritative resource for landlords.

We know through previous experience that long-form guide content is very successful from a user perspective, but also ticks the boxes for keyword targeting and content outreach. We wanted to further this by tapping into new search features like targeting featured snippet results/answer box queries as well as thematic targeting to aid voice search.


With that in mind, we wanted to create a solid piece of content that will be able to leapfrog existing content and drive serious traffic through technical content structuring. In addition to the web content, a downloadable PDF version of the guide was produced to increase value to the user and create further opportunities for lead generation and outreach.



Featured snippets and position 1 rankings.

Our campaign resulted in AXA achieving several position 1 rankings which drove a significant improvement in organic sessions.


AXA benefitted from year on year improvements in all pre-defined metrics and thanks to technical and structural optimization, the guide very quickly started ranking for the desired featured snippet results – now amounting to over 12 of these coveted spots across the core keywords. 

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