Aberdeen Solicitors Property Centre

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Building a strong social foundation

A competitor-conquering social media strategy attracts new buyers and secures ASPC’s influence over 95% of Scotland’s north east property market.


A social strategy with nostalgic local flair broadens their appeal to young new buyers

As the the first Solicitors Property Centre in the UK, Aberdeen Solicitors Property Centre (ASPC) is an industry trail blazer. In fact, they buy and sell 95% of all residential properties in the north-east of Scotland. In the wake of increasing competition, they wanted to tighten their hold on the market and broaden their appeal. The website we’d previously created for them was great for promoting but now they needed to connect with a wider property community. Our social media strategy tapped into local pride to engage with people on a nostalgic emotional level – in particular with young people looking to buy in next five years.


The Big Number

95% north east property market stronghold continues

ASPC were new to the social media. In 2015, we kicked off their first multi-faceted campaigns on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to spectacular results. Combined social and SEO strategy ensured attention-grabbing content was seen 5 million times. Visits to the ASPC site also went up by 14%. Competition was on the up, but so was new interest in ASPC – allowing them to retain their 95% command of the north east market.



A small focused social media strategy gives bigger better results

Understanding what was going on in the property market regionally and nationally was key to creating the right social strategy for ASPC.

We started with a few key channels, focusing on a particular audience to create a buzz before branching out. Initially we used Facebook and Twitter to regularly update followers about the latest homes on the ASPC site, including must-see and most-viewed properties. LinkedIn content was more industry focused and largely spoke to landlords, surveyors and solicitors. A year later Pinterest and Instagram were added to showcase images of property and videos of locations. People loved it – Instagram ramped up 1,000 followers in the first month.



Understand people’s desires to inspire them to take the leap

Tailoring our social content to the interests of people living and working in the north east cut through the noise and got ASPC noticed. Drawing on the love of the area and its rich culture got people excited. We sparked people’s curiosity with everything from house prices to dynamic real-time infographics on the most viewed, most expensive and top undiscovered properties. And we held their attention with vibrant videos featuring north east areas and anecdote from the happy people who lived there. These videos were so inspiring that Aberdeen now shows them in their airport to welcome visitors to the region.


Big Numbers

From zero to social media hero.

Social Media has become an integral part of ASPC. It’s boosted their brand, created new leads and ensured they stand out in a highly competitive property market to maintain 95% of the north east property sales. A strong social strategy allowed them to connect with the local community and offer the most useful information about the housing market. And people didn’t just look, they reacted; the strategy generated 9,000 new followers and 250,000 referrals. A high-quality, high-impact evolving campaign has transformed these social media newbies to popular pros in only a year.