Amor Group


Amor Group

A unique B2B site showcases business expertise and emphasises social to create an interactive experience that transforms visitors into leads.


Revolutionary site to showcase expertise and serves as interactive industry resource

Amor Group provides bespoke technology solutions for industry-leading organisations in the transport, energy and public services sectors. So it needed a cutting-edge site to showcase its high-calibre expertise and business technology solutions. The site also needed an integrated social element to provide news and information to customers. At the time in 2009, this was unheard of in the technical industry.


The Big Number

26% increase in visitors transforming into leads

Since launching in January 2009, the site’s had a drastic 80% rise in overall visitors and an 18% leap in the number of unique visitors. And people stick around to find out more. Page views have increased by 75% and interactions are on the up too - growing lead enquires by 26%.



No blueprint. No problem.

One part commercially compelling, one part socially engaging, there was no blueprint for the type of integrated site Amor wanted to create. We were excited to create something completely new for their industry.

Thoroughly scoping the process helped us define their expectations to ensure the design and functionality of the site met their bold ambitions. We worked closely with them to develop a unique site that promoted their products and services, integrated social media and provided an interactive resource for the industry. We decided Umbraco was the clear choice for this.



Put the needs of your audience first – and the strategy will follow

A series of workshops with key stakeholders helped us dissect the details Amor’s wanted to key requirements. We mapped out audience profiles, how different users would use the site and their end goals. This process fed into our strategy to ensure the site was streamlined, relevant and interactive for all audiences. It also helped us set benchmarks to measure our creative, development and testing phases of the project.


Big Numbers

Showcasing talent and turning up engagement to become trusted industry experts

The result is a fresh, fluidly-designed site with an engaging conversational flow. We used the latest HTML5 to create a fully responsive, socially-enabled platform people like using. And they don't just read content, they share it.

Amor Group firmly believe its talented people are its greatest asset. And the new site showcases this know-how in a fresh and forward-thinking way. Far from the typical B2B sales tool, this socially integrated site is also a valued source of news and information for industry experts.