All Saints

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AllSaints Affiliates

Partnering with AllSaints, we created an Affiliate campaign that smashed all their targets.


Taking AllSaints to the next level

AllSaints approached us and asked us to review their current affiliate programme to scope any potential for improvement. An in-depth audit confirmed that a hands-on approach to affiliate management would greatly increase the programme performance; and that's what we did.


The big number

Our campaign delivered a 10:1 ROI

Our campaign delivered more than 3.5m brand impressions. We smashed year one targets by 173% and year two saw increases of 75% in Q1 and 188% and Q2. Overall we delivered £10 for every £1 invested.

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A campaign with global reach

In the UK, we implemented a number of changes to restructure the affiliate network into a programme with more direct communication and personal interaction.

Launching the programme in the US presented an entirely different and exciting challenge. After careful research and planning, we designed a strategy to create the correct mix of affiliates to enhance brand presence in this market where AllSaints was less well known.

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Carefully curated affiliate relationships

We developed a new tiered commission structure, a carefully tailored incentive plan, an aggressive recruitment strategy and added regular communications with affiliates. As a result, we were able to recruit over 80 high profile and influential affiliates before the programme officially launched. Building on this, we created exclusive deals and tempting campaigns for super affiliates to attain high traffic positions on their sites, newsletters and fashion blogs.

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Big numbers

Over 3.5m brand impressions

Our tailored incentive plan helped to increase brand awareness within the affiliate community. Almost three and a half million impressions were delivered within the first year alone. Uplift in performance was instant and we smashed the 1st year's revenue target by 173%. The following year followed a similar pattern. AllSaints saw year-on-year revenue increases of 75% and 188% for quarter one and two. Overall we increased affiliate conversion rate by 72%. The result? A very happy client with a big ROI of 10:1.