Agria Pet Insurance

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A tail of two websites

It’s said you can’t teach an old dog new tricks, but we don’t buy into that. When Agria Pet asked us to bring their outdated website estate up to date, we jumped at the chance.


Two sites, two aims.

The company was embarking on a complete technological transformation which was to include phone systems and the back-end insurance engine, as well as two customer-facing sites. The quote and sales generation funnels were a key part of this.

The sites in the estate included and Both sites serve two purposes: to enable end users to easily find and buy the best pet insurance policy to suit their needs, and to support Agria’s affiliate community of vets, breeders and rehoming charities.



The Approach.

Setting realistic goals.

Due to business constraints, a phased launch was agreed. This meant we could focus on improving web sale journeys with new transaction funnels for Agria Pet, while separately creating a full new website for Kennel Club Insurance.

The Kennel Club site would go live in December 2017, while the new customer facing brochure site for Agria Pet would launch in August 2018.



A strong starting point.

Early on, we held series of workshops to understand Agria’s unique business model. This meant we could devise and implement a solution that could be shared across both Agria and Kennel Club Insurance, with Kennel Club being treated as a white label website.

We also established that particular care should to be given to affiliate user journeys, as business is generated through many routes.



Adapting together.

With such big technological change taking place at Agria during this project, the Equator team worked closely with Agria’s third parties to ensure the best possible integration of API’s and the back end insurance engine.

Together, we adapted to the changes, making sure the quality of the website and user experience was not compromised. During the build, before and after launch, we also made sure that technical SEO best practice was followed.



Best in show for sales.

The stats speak for themselves:

  • Best ever sales day - was in January 2018 following the launch of the transaction funnels
  • A 2nd record breaking day - in September 2018 after the brochure site launched
  • Agria’s best month ever – in January 2018, with more share of revenue coming through the website (increased from 21% to 29%) which was a key objective of this project.
  • Great feedback from affiliate partners - the transaction funnels are much better and help them fulfill business

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