Application Development

Application Development

Engaging with your customers is all about personal connections.

More than ever before, truly engaging with your customers is all about personal connections. From Facebook to Google, people want a highly personal experience that quickly understands what they need. Anything less means they instantly switch off, disengage and ultimately forget your brand. Emerging technologies in application development allow your business to foster innovative solutions that understand customers so engage in a more valuable and rewarding way.

A platform agnostic approach.

Connecting the systems you need.

At Equator, we specialise in connecting the systems you need to provide experiences your customers will enjoy. Want to provide a single customer view to understand their needs better? Thinking about integrating enterprise Content Management Systems like Sitecore and Drupal with CRM tools like Salesforce and MS Dynamics? Or want to jump on the Internet of Things bandwagon to link with your users’ connected devices so you can perform Big Data analysis and drive insight? No problem. We can help with this and more.

Want to understand and engage with your customers in a more meaningful way? Let’s talk.