Offering vital insights

The right insights to focus your branding and marketing efforts in the right direction.


We have been providing strategic insight to brands for over 10 years, helping them identify the challenges holding back growth. We love understanding the what and the why; with an approach that’s supported by data insights and in-depth audience research.


Whether you want to transform your business, or are just trying to navigate a complex consumer landscape, Equator’s strategy team can help you develop a clear, robust plan.


How we do it.

While most digital strategies start by focusing on a channel or platform, we dig deeper - finding ways to strengthen your brand positioning, internal processes and overall business strategy. That way we can ensure that all aspects of your business are relevant to today’s constantly changing market, and lay the foundation for ongoing strategic evolution.


Because strategy can’t be fully realised until tactics have been implemented and measured, we work with our clients on a long-term basis, and we constantly optimise to bring the best returns.


Based on evidence, not guesswork.

Some of our most effective collaborations with clients are when we apply a new lens to what the brand does and the value it brings to the market. We also back up our findings with social theory (not ‘finger-in-the-air’ stuff), and our strategists are constantly looking into new ways to give your business a competitive edge.


In an age where relevance and authenticity rules, we show you how your business can truly stand up in today’s landscape.

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Things we do.

  • Customer experience
  • Digital transformation
  • Audience & market research
  • Brand strategy
  • Product strategy
  • User testing
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If there’s a core aspect of your strategy you want to focus on, talk to us.

  • Content strategy
  • Social strategy
  • CRM strategy
  • User experience