SEO Website Migration

SEO Website Migration

Maintain organic performance while ensuring smooth transition with our SEO migration consulting.

Migrating to a new domain or website platform can be among the most impactful, yet risky changes a brand can make to its online presence. Whether you are changing domain for branding reasons or to reflect expansion into a new country, migrating to a secure (HTTPS) version of your domain, or simply redesigning your website and moving to a new platform, whatever the reason, protecting your site’s performance is paramount.

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SEO migration services

Delivering smooth migration while maintaining search performance through a tried & tested approach.

Our team of technical SEO experts can help ensure your site migration happens as swiftly and smoothly as possible, while avoiding any issues that can often occur and impact organic search performance. We’re specialists with proven experience delivering migration support to globally recognised brands and can help across a range of site migration situations, including:

  • Migrating to a new platform (e.g. from Ektron to Sitecore)
  • Migrating to a new top-level domain (e.g. from .com to .brand)
  • Launching a foreign language version of your site or content
  • Migrating to a new country code top-level domain (e.g. com to .fr)
  • Consolidating multiple versions of your site or multiple sites into a single domain
  • Migrating from HTTP to HTTPS secure protocol