Marketing Strategy

Marketing strategy.

With time online spread across more devices, with more choices to navigate, what's the best way to sell successfully?

Equator can help you develop a marketing strategy for the digital age that considers place, promotion, price and product. But we don’t just stick our fingers in the air and hope for the best. We plan. We research. We listen. We adjust our thinking as times change and together we’ll make sure your marketing drives real value, both now and in the future. Beyond our initial meeting and workshop, we continue to review your marketing strategy so it evolves to deliver for your business, no matter what changes.


Attribution modelling & reporting

Our data-driven approach to attribution makes for more efficient and effective campaigns.

In the connected world more elements of your communications are always-on and need to work in harmony with your campaign related messaging. Our data-driven approach enables us to manage your channel attribution in a more flexible, proactive way than ever before. The result is more accurate planning and the ability to change and re-plan on-the-fly to get the most impact from your budget, even when things change.

Integrated campaign planning.

We don’t just plan in isolation, we join things together.

Whether it’s AdWords and apps, sites and SEO or banners and blogger outreach, we ensure these parts work together to achieve the most for our clients. Planning for the customer journey is at the heart of this. So we make sure we know your audience and where we need to reach them. Then it’s about joining them together – to connect your brand with customers. Our thinking has always been collaborative - working closely with your business and your other partners to ensure the most connected and effective plan.

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