Brand design


Show the world who you are

We can help you create a unique and instantly recognisable identity that truly resonates with your audience.


Your lasting impression to charm customers

Standing out as a brand is challenging – people can lose interest quickly. But we help brands behave differently, challenge the norms and connect with customers in a more imaginative and meaningful way. When people feel connected to your brand, you become more memorable, appealing and trustworthy. Our creative approach embraces the unexpected so we present your brand in a new exciting light to deliver meaningful messaging that captures people’s interest for the long-run. Our strategic but creative approach means fresh ideas are aligned with your business goals and your customers’ expectations. And this lets us create an extraordinary brand experience.


Brand Experiences.

Pushing boundaries to transform brands.

Creating a brand is one thing. Introducing this brand to its audiences is another.


At Equator, we push boundaries to creatively transform brands so they connect with people. From reinvigorating a stale brand, launching a new product or motivating an internal team, we go the extra mile.


Implementing a consistent brand vision is vital because it builds recognition, trust and reduces customer’s anxiety about making choices. We develop and deliver unforgettable brand identities that work consistently across all channels. From print to digital to exhibitions and beyond, we ensure your brand experience reinforces your brand identity.


Our highly-effective marketing, messaging and communication strategies craft visual building blocks and create a unique tone of voice that sticks with people. And our comprehensive brand toolkit ensures your brand is recognisable – no matter who you’re talking to or on what channel.


Brand Creation.

The living identity of a brand.

A well-designed, branded environment expresses the living identity of a brand through distinct characteristics that reveal what it’s about. This physical extension of the brand allows customers and the staff who work in the environment to relate to the brand.


Our rich ‘brand in space’ experience has been bringing brands to life for 30 years within the interiors, exteriors and landscapes of a physical environment. We regularly work with retail, private and public services sectors to develop bespoke solutions that connect your brand to your customers and staff.


From beautifully designed corporate reception areas to slick branded interiors, interactive installations to exhibitions and trade shows, conferences to car parks, we’ve created extraordinary experiences from the ordinary settings.


Brand Packaging.

How your product looks matters.

How your product looks matters. That’s why we create smart, beautiful brand packaging that grasps people’s attention and boosts sales in an increasingly competitive market.


Our work with clients in food, drink, fashion, health – and more – gives us unique cross-sector experience that allows us to create ideas that inspire action. And our proven track record of success has produced award-winning designs for bottled water, cider, beers, oatcakes, wine. To name only a few.


Our work with some of the UK’s leading brands means we’re experienced in developing of every aspect of the packaging journey. We can create a total packaging solution for your business, from initial concepts and development, to 3D modelling and prototyping, to innovative package and bottle designs, to labelling and multipacks. We do it all.