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Equator Reports

Our teams are continually reviewing the technology landscape as well as the outlook for key sectors. We regularly report on industry trends, tech innovations and insights into the digital experiences companies offer.

Winning the race for customers and margin in the new energy economy

Energy Futures Report

The energy industry is still coming to terms with seismic shifts; aggressive customer acquisition by challenger brands and intense regulatory, political and social change.

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Car Dealership Sector Review

Exploring the accelerating pace of change in the automotive sector

In this study, we aim to highlight the major trends that are taking place in the automotive sector and show how dealers are performing in this fast-changing environment.

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Hotel Sector Review

The hotel in the clouds

Embracing new technology will help hoteliers revolutionise the customer experience and win business back from Online Travel Agents (OTAs), according to our latest report.

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Luxury Hotel Sector Review

Do luxury hotel sites deliver luxury experiences?

In this report we investigate how the world's top luxury hotel websites measure up in terms of their digital customer experience and what lessons can be learned by all luxury hotel brands.

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