Emma: My Equator Internship

Subject: ‘Possible Intern Opportunity with Equator Digital Marketing Agency’ was the email that started my time interning as a Digital Strategist… Now I’m finishing with a week packed full of industry experience from one of the top award-winning creative agencies in Scotland.

I discovered a love for all things digital when I was young, fast forward some years and I had completed my HND in Advertising and Public Relations at City of Glasgow College. A few weeks later, I received an unexpected email from my college lecturer with news that she had put me forward for an internship opportunity with Equator – an extremely exciting prospect.

Before I knew it, the day had come for me to start the next chapter of my journey. Throughout my week at Equator, I spent the majority of time with the Head of Strategy, Breda, who became my mentor, positively guiding me through the ins and outs of agency life.

Interning as a digital strategist, I didn’t have extensive knowledge as to what the strategy team did, as it isn’t a role I’ve often heard spoken about… this didn’t last long. Soon into my first day I was straight to work, learning about strategy and researching information on the project I was set to deliver, learning something new every step of the way.

Throughout my time delivering this project, I learned so much about understanding client briefs, using primary and secondary research techniques, planning reports and discussion guides, conducting focus groups, analysing research and presenting research findings… the list goes on. Building infinitely upon my existing knowledge wouldn’t have been possible without the help of the rest of the Strategy Team, who each had something new and exciting to show me. There was no such thing as a ‘silly question’, or no amount of time that couldn’t have been taken to give me some extra help and guidance.

A particularly memorable part of my week was conducting a focus group amongst students at my old college. The discussion from which was to be used as the core research behind my project, which I went on to pitch to Strategy on my final day – amazing practical experience within the career I wish to pursue. The level of freedom given to express my way of thinking and working was something that made Equator truly special - a fantastic environment to learn and grow in.

All in all, 5 days of constant learning, endless guidance, pushing boundaries, industry experience and great people… Doesn’t get much better than that.

Equator, thank you – it’s been great.