My experience with the Equator Partnerships team

The Marketing Team were joined a few weeks ago by intern Cat who made a valuable addition to the team in her three week placement, here's how she got on;

As my three-week summer internship with Equator comes to a close, I can’t help but look back on all that I have learned and on how valuable my involvement with the agency has been. The internship involved three weeks of comprehensive tasks and challenges which covered an assortment of marketing areas which allowed me to apply my three years of university knowledge in a practical context. When reflecting on the experience, it’s certainly fair to say it’s been an enjoyable and positive one.

Before I describe my experience in more depth, I feel I should give you a background on myself first. I recently completed my third year at Heriot-Watt studying International Business Management with Marketing. Several people working at Equator have agreed with me over the last few weeks when I argued that marketing material being taught at university is becoming outdated to say the least. Following my time at Equator, I can’t emphasise enough just how important and valuable I feel an experience such as this has been in consolidating my theoretical understanding of business and marketing concepts learned in university.

An example of the age of said material would be the fact that I had very little knowledge of what either the Outreach or Affiliates departments’ entailed. I spent half of the third week with Outreach and the second half with Affiliates. I think it’s reasonable to say that both Outreach and Affiliates involved relations and association with others with the common objective of increasing engagement, reach and awareness. Outreach focuses on human-to-human interaction and is central to effective marketing; it involves seeking potential leads, making contact and networking to open doors for a business. Affiliates, on the other hand, are paid by brands for bringing customers through their marketing techniques. A significant proportion of the activities I undertook with the team at first seemed foreign to me; I had next to no experience with writing blog posts, seeking new contacts or using complex software as is regularly utilised in the digital marketing world. The patience and willingness of the guys to explain each part of a task as well as providing background information on different areas put me at ease and greatly increased my confidence in my existing marketing abilities and knowledge – for this I’m eternally grateful. As a result, following the enthralling week I spent with the Partnerships team, I’m confident in saying I now have a thorough understanding of said activities.

The time I spent with Outreach began with a meeting with the team providing me with a background of what the department generally did, as well as giving me an outline of what the plan for my week with the Partnerships team was. We also moved my monitors from the other office over to their suite, which made me really feel like part of the team, rather than being treated as a distant intern. I spent the first day working with blogs, which generally aim to raise clients’ brand awareness and boost target audience traffic and brand engagement. An example of an article I wrote was a blog post about how to transform your business into a multinational through digital tools, before attempting to pursue a relevant blogger who would be willing to let us use their site to post the content on and contacting them. Another way the Outreach team increases traffic for clients is by requesting that pages mentioning an Equator client provide a link to the associated website to increase traffic to the client’s page. Through these activities, I can certainly say I have a comprehensive understanding of the key objectives of the Outreach team and their primary tasks.

Following collaboration with Outreach, I spent the second half of the week working with Affiliates. This began with a meeting with Sean to give me a fuller understanding of what working in the field involved since my knowledge was restricted. My time greatly involved making use of Awin, a global affiliate site used to provide a connection between advertisers and publishers. Use of this tool was valuable since it is used and relied on by organisations involved with affiliates globally. I initially used the site to discover affiliates and build public interest for some of Equator's busiest clients. Subsequently, I used The Hub on Awin, similar to WordPress, to write a newsletter to promote new products of another client. Initially, the software was complex and it took me a while to become accustomed to its features and functioning.

It was stimulating to get an authentic perception of how digital marketing departments operate and integrate with one another. The use of software and untaught practices emphasised to me the significance of gaining genuine experience of what working in the field is really like. My placement at Equator came at the perfect time, with me shortly going into my final year as an undergraduate student.

I came to Equator looking to build on my business and marketing experience to prepare me for employment following graduation and Equator provided me with a great opportunity to grow in an amazing marketing agency with a wonderful team of people. Equator, I can’t thank you all enough for your patience and willingness to help me learn more about digital marketing in three weeks than I thought was possible. I’d love to work with you again and can’t recommend Equator strongly enough to anyone looking for some marketing experience in a great environment full of clever, friendly faces.