Minna: My Equator Internship

Minna spent the last few weeks shadowing our Content Creator Emily as part of our busy Creative department, here's how she got on...

Hej! My name is Minna and I just spent three awesome weeks as an intern within the Content Team at Equator. I originally come from København (a.k.a. Copenhagen) in Denmark, yep I’m a Scandi, a shield maiden who loves rye bread, salty liquorice and most importantly hygge! I chose to follow my dreams by moving to Scotland and began my new life starting an education in the world of digital media using my creativity and enthusiasm to learn as my sword and shield to battle with new subjects and a new language. My dream of learning and working in bonnie Scotland has become a reality, as well as all the big and wee things which go along with it (like using the word ‘wee’ in just about every sentence I can get away with). I have recently graduated from Glasgow City College with an HND in Digital Media and have loved every opportunity I have experienced along the way.

I was fortunate enough to be offered an internship with the Content Team, led by Emily the Content Creator. Throughout my time in the team, Emily took me under her wing and was a great mentor who made me feel valued and part of something big. I was introduced to loads of wonderful people across the business who were always ready to offer insight, advice, or even just some good chat. I was amazed at how accommodating people were with all my questions and really enjoyed getting to know my fellow interns and those who worked close to me. Working in a fast-paced professional setting with such a relaxed environment allowed me to settle in and feel comfortable quite quickly, that was until the office furniture started disappearing in my third week as if Thanos had clicked his fingers – only to be known as ‘the office reshuffle of 2018’.

The diverse work which the Content Team are tasked with on a daily basis was really inspiring as there were no two days the same. Working on different programs and creating different things to different specifications was incredible and absolutely confirmed that this type of role truly is for me. Across the three weeks I got involved in lots of really cool pieces of work with the other interns in my team and enjoyed working together to combine our creative talent. One of the most prestigious tasks of the year sat with the Content Team interns, to create the team badges and visual assets for the Equator Football Cup 2018. This was a great opportunity for us to be creative and have some fun during the photo-shoot with the team captains, which really showed us how a big business can still come together and enjoy a wee office competition.

Throughout the work I was part of and during the Friday afternoon social meetings I got to chat with so many great individuals from across the business. Thank you for allowing me through your doors, letting me experience this amazing workplace, and making me feel like a valued member of the team. I really appreciate the opportunity and hope that I have made an impact, whether it was through the work I carried out or making you smile during a brief chat. Thanks to my team in Content, those who I worked close to, and my fellow interns across the tribes who have all been part of making this experience fun and memorable – even Steven Seagull, the terror of people’s lunch breaks who has now found his wings! I feel like I achieved a lot during my internship, have grown professionally and I am hungry for more so hopefully, it won’t be too long until I see you all again!

Tak for denne gang, håber på at komme tilbage igen!