Lynsey: My Equator Internship

Before my internship at Equator I was extremely nervous. I had just finished college and was getting ready to prepare myself for the transition into university. I had applied for Equator in April 2018 after a digital marketing talk in college, never did I think I would be chosen as one of their interns. In May, I received a voicemail from Gillian who had requested a phone interview and after calling her back and sharing my marketing experiences with her, I was invited to a second interview with Fiona, the Marketing Director. After that, everything started to fall into place.

I had never worked full-time before, only part-time during my studies so I knew this was going to be a test for me. My first day was surprising. I was given my own personal laptop, shown around the different suites and introduced to as many of the 150 members of staff as possible. Let me tell you; it is hard to remember 150 names on the first day, but I tried. After that, I was straight to work.

The head of Digital Media, Emma, took me under her wing for the first full week. She introduced me to her “tribe” – which I will explain later. I was given client work straight away as the first week was a busy time for the team, I read many different briefs, researched social media statistics and completed competitor analyses. At first, I wasn’t sure I was keeping up, but no matter what work I did, the person I helped always made sure to show their appreciation for my contribution. The first competitor research spreadsheet I created was sent straight to the client, I was shocked and excited. This is when I knew that they had so much belief in me.

By the second week, I had switched teams to the Outreach team. I had Chris, Andy and Gordon helping me along the way. I was creating spreadsheets, prospecting for clients and I wrote my first blog post. I was introduced to different business software packages such as JIRA, Google Analytics and MOZ. Although it is a professional environment, it is also very relaxed and comfortable. I started creating friendships through asking for help and even when I was simply pouring my morning coffee.

When it came to week three I already felt so involved - I was invited to meetings, work lunches and social events outside of Equator. I was getting more and more involved in helping evolve client campaigns and supporting different teams with research – it started getting to the point where I would receive a few emails a day asking for my support on a task. This is also the time when the “tribe” concept starting making sense. Equator has grown so much from being a small collaborative agency and with over 150 members of staff in the Glasgow office, it became time to change tactics. The whole Equator team was split into five mini agencies within the agency; each mini agency is their own “tribe”. Each tribe is made up of different skill sets, design, developers and marketing. This helps everyone grow their skill set by working directly with another expert in a different field.

Now that week four has arrived, it has hit me that I’m half-way through my internship. I started reflecting on how much I’ve learned already, and how much I don’t want to leave. When I left school I was lucky enough to find my advertising and PR course in college, and this internship has further confirmed that this is what I want to do with my future. I’ve loved every part of it, whether it was client research, google analytics, choosing influencers for a client or even setting up a conference room for a Google Livestream (which was actually pretty cool). Moral of the story, I am so grateful for this opportunity, I have built confidence in myself and my work. I’ll leave in 4 weeks now believing that I am capable of being brilliant. I hope to someday come back to Equator and continue my growth.