How Outreach Can Boost Brand Engagement in the Finance Industry

Outreach in recent years has become an incredibly important part of SEO and, when correctly implemented, has the power to significantly boost brand awareness and brand engagement.

Our specialist Outreach Team has built a strong reputation in the finance industry, working with trusted brands like Clydesdale Bank and Yorkshire Bank, in part helping them with a successful launch of their new banking app B, expanding their online presence and customer engagement.

For any brand, engagement is crucial – an active and interested customer base offers further potential for growth. With the financial sector being worth £119 billion to the UK economy in 2017, it’s important for brands to stand out to capture a meaningful part of this market. In 2016 alone, 45% of consumers were finding and purchasing their financial products online, with this number only going to increase over the next few years. It’s for this reason that utilising the power of SEO and Outreach to increase online presence is now so important to the financial industry.

Our Outreach Team has worked to build strong relationships with trusted financial sites, magazines and blogs where we provide relevant and useful information for their core target audience, linking back to related pages on our clients’ sites. This not only helps boost our clients’ brand awareness and increase trustworthiness with their target audience, but boosts traffic and brand engagement.

Building a strong backlink profile also works to help Google’s algorithm understand which search results to consider important and relevant when users are searching for financial products and information. External links to your site are like a vote of approval of your content and this in turn will boost your domain authority and position in SERPs.

Google searches for financial products like current account and mortgage have increased hugely over the last ten years, as has the number of people banking online – which has gone from 30% of Britons banking online in 2007 to 63% in 2017. Therefore, holding a prominent spot on SERPs for your industry’s relevant keywords offers huge potential in revenue growth, exposure and engagement.

How can the success of an Outreach campaign be measured? Part of the beauty of an Outreach campaign is results can be measured and analysed easily; clients can see monthly how metrics on relevant campaigns are looking, with a focus on keyword ranking, traffic and DA. A boost in brand engagement from the results of Outreach can be seen in myriad of ways such as an increase in customer enquiries, increased traffic from important and relevant keywords on search engines, an increase in goal conversions and the number social shares of Outreach content linking to clients’ sites. Outreach also works to build on our clients’ on-site SEO strategy, which can be seen in higher ranking in SERPs for their chosen keywords.

Creating content in the finance industry – which is highly regulated – means keeping on top of important financial news, rules and regulations. We ensure our relationships with trusted financial blogs, new sites and magazines remains strong by offering trustworthy and up-to-date content which stays within the guidelines set by the FCA. Strong content not only keeps readers interested and engaged, but should also be worth sharing and reposting; high content interactivity inevitably leads to a boost in brand engagement as a brand is placed in front of an increasing number of people.

Our Outreach Team offers content geared to specific audiences to ensure the best results possible for our clients. By understanding who the readers of our content are and what kind of style of content they like – whether it be more simple and list focused or catered to a more experienced audience, for example – allows us to set our clients up as a trusted authority in the finance industry; and while paid for advertising remains a great way for brands to be discovered, consumers are still much more likely to purchase from a brand when found or recommended via a known and trusted source.

The importance of Outreach is only going to grow as the number of online consumers increases exponentially. The finance industry has a huge presence online which is only set to increase as banks move into apps and the mobile market; Outreach has the power to ensure your brand is highly discoverable in a competitive market, improving ranking in SERPs for crucial keywords, boosting overall brand awareness and, importantly, brand engagement.