James: my Equator internship

Equator's intern James McCallum reflects on his summer internship in the marketing department.
James - summer intern with Equator's marketing team

James - summer intern with Equator's marketing team

As my full-time summer internship with Equator comes to an end, I can’t help but reflect on what an enjoyable experience and great learning opportunity it has all been. Since I started working as a marketing intern for Equator back in July, I have enjoyed two continuous months of diversified work, deep involvement with projects and exciting challenges that have kept me busy and helped me grow my business knowledge in every way imaginable. Looking back through the eight challenging weeks of work I’ve had, it’s fair to say I don’t regret a single moment.

Before I describe what I did during my internship, I’d like to tell you a bit about myself first. My name is James – I’m a marketing and management student at the University of Strathclyde. Like many students my age, I spend most my time socialising, playing PlayStation and panicking about what on earth I’m going to do in the future. After many years of working deadline to deadline and spending unmentionable amounts of time watching Netflix shows, I decided that it was time to get involved and get my hands on some real marketing experience. After a whole lot of applying to different positions, I was able to land my dream job with Equator: a full-time internship over the summer with the digital marketing department.

My first day began with strong feelings of both nerves and excitement; I had always loved marketing work and was excited to have this opportunity to test my skills and creativity, yet on the other hand, I felt a little nervous to be working in such a professional marketing establishment. While Equator’s remarkable results will no doubt impress their clients, their figures can be a bit intimidating to a fresh-faced student such as myself – by comparison, my numbers were far less significant: one previous internship, zero full-time experience and zero experience in a digital marketing company. However for everything I was lacking, I was willing to make up for with hard work and dedication to learning everything I could – it was time to start learning digital marketing.

It was just as well I did, because working with Equator was a completely new and enthralling experience. Throughout my three years of education, I had never previously used AdWords, looked at Google Analytics or delved into the complications of display advertising. I was enthusiastic to learn all I could over the course of my internship, and thanks to the support and attention from the teams I worked with; I was able to do just that. From day one, I was testing my creative talents writing content for the Outreach team, and over the course of the next few weeks, I was given the chance to work with every other department; splitting my work evenly across SEO, PPC, Outreach and Display. Having this chance to work across all teams quickly taught me the ins and outs of the company, and showed me a holistic view of how everyone’s roles fit together. With so much diversity in my work, every day presented new exciting challenges and opportunities, and I was enjoying myself every step of the way.

Even though I was loving my work, there were definitely a few struggles that I had to overcome during my stay. Being new to digital marketing meant I had a fair share of reading to do to keep in pace, and my laissez-faire lifestyle and love for lie-ins was replaced with regular 9am starts. On the first few days I was ready to fall asleep by 1pm, but after some earlier nights and tactical lunch naps I soon got the hang of the work week. For everything I had to give up on however, there were bountiful benefits that made each sacrifice worth it. Additional to the free beer on Fridays and the fantastic lunches served in the West End, one of the things I enjoyed the most was a strong feeling of belonging during my internship.

From day one, I was treated as part of the family; I was never excluded from a meeting and there was always a fun lunch outing or night out around the corner to look forward to. Even when I felt I had little to contribute to a meeting I was still invited along to take notes, and my motivation became focused on paying back for all that I’d been given. By far my biggest highlight from the internship was getting to take part in a meeting with Google on my sixth week – how many interns can say they’ve done that? All in all, it was definitely worth giving up the lazy mornings and long lie-ins for.

It’s sometimes hard to notice yourself changing, but as I worked each day with Equator, that certainly didn’t seem to be the case. In just over eight weeks, I had noticed myself transform from a nervous, indecisive student to a young marketing professional; far more competent and better informed of everyday life working in a professional marketing company. While I sadly have to say goodbye to this experience as I return back for my final year of university, I can easily look back at the last couple of months and say it has been one of the most life-changing experiences I have ever taken. I return back to university this week ready to face my toughest challenges yet with a more professional, organised approach - and will carry on my hard work when finishing my degree and deciding on my future ambitions. I’m getting up earlier in the mornings, and I’ll never take another lie in or day playing PS4 for granted.

My internship with Equator came at the perfect time and place for me as an undergraduate student, and I couldn’t recommend it enough for anyone in my position. At a time where I was looking to build valuable experience for my CV and prepare for work after I graduate university, Equator provided me with a perfect opportunity to grow and learn in a professional marketing company.

If, like me, you’re looking to gain experience and work with an amazing group of inspiring people, I recommend you waste no time in applying for an internship with this company. Equator, I can’t thank you enough for providing this opportunity and helping me learn more about digital marketing than I ever thought I could. I know you like to see your results in numbers, so here’s one for yourself: one transformed student that would love to work with you again.