Do you like fonts? Maybe.

An art director’s review on Fontself for illustrator.

First off, I don’t really see words I see them as pictures, so am not a font wizard but I know the basics you should know.

Sans-serif Fonts — Letters without serifs. Viewed as informal and playful. Best suited for digital.

Script Fonts — Resembles handwriting and often used in formal invitations. Not ideal for body copy.

Decorative Fonts — Informal fonts viewed as original. Best suited for headlines but not body copy.

I remember the first time I learned you could change the font in Word, it got me so excited back in ‘92. Then I stumbled on “Comic Sans”, from the moment I touched the keyboard I had in my mind how cool would it be if this computer was writing my own font…now it’s possible.

Fontself lets you drag your very own vector font into the Fontself plugin and VOILA… you have your font. Boom

Step one. Think of what style you are going for.

Step two. Draw out your font plus numbers and uppercase.

Step 3. Scan in and open in illustrator.

Step 4. Live trace (I am a big fan of live trace) play with the contrast you are looking for strong black and white contrast.

Step 5. Open extensions and select fontself.

Step 6. Export your font as an OpenType font and use it everywhere.

This seems very simple and it is, I was amazed. Below are examples of the fonts that have been created by some members of the team.