Pouch: a bold affiliates new-comer

There have been more than a few 'bold' new-comers to the affiliate marketing scene, but Pouch looks to be bolder than most. Find out why.

Some interesting developments in the world of affiliate marketing these past few months with the launch of Pouch into the UK marketplace. Pouch is a voucher code browser extension that has recently rolled out “cross-promotional recommendations” to its users. Basically this means that Pouch users who have the browser extension installed can be prompted with better offers from rival sites when browsing around. The image below explains this much better than I could:

Pouch at work

Pouch at work

So basically you have Domino’s appearing on Pizza Hut’s site with a cheeky wee gluten-free pizza deal, attempting to lure customers away. Pouch is being heralded as a “new era of guerrilla marketing” by publications such as PerformanceIn and it certainly will help level the playing field in terms of small retailer vs. giant behemoth (hello, Amazon!). It does however raise some questions over the role of affiliates and the value brands derive from voucher code partnerships. In a week where publications such as Econsultancy have led with headline articles decrying affiliate marketing as “murky”, you could argue the effectiveness of Pouch’s tool is second to the overall perception of the industry as a whole. For years the affiliate marketing industry has been looked down on, and this kind of blatant and aggressive marketing certainly will prove too controversial for some.

With that said, look at tools like Triptease and how they have firmly rooted themselves in discerning hotels’ arsenals in the fightback against OTAs. Controversy creates cash, as one Eric Bischoff once declared, and in an industry that constantly innovates and churns out new tools, we’d be foolish to dismiss this outright. The affiliate team here at Equator will definitely continue to investigate and update you in due course.

In the meantime, you can continue to read the thoughts of our Affiliates and wider Marketing team in the Marketing section of our blog.