Integrating with Google Hotel Ads

We're one of the first agencies to fully integrate with Google and enter the Hotel Ads space. Find out the cost saving and conversion rate benefits of this.

The impact of online travel agencies (OTAs) in the hotel industry has been well documented. There are both advantages and disadvantages to advertisers adopting their offering. Historically, OTAs have dominated Google’s Hotel Ads platform. Agencies generally don’t occupy the Hotel Ads space, with OTAs dominating. The main reason for this is the extensive development work required to integrate with Google.

However, at Equator, we are breaking the mould. We have become one of the first agencies to fully integrate with Google and enter the Hotel Ads space. We are already Google Premier Partners and have developed our relationship with the country’s leading search engine provider even further. We are not only now at the forefront of Google’s Beta innovations, but also a leading agency in adopting key growth opportunities for our clients.

Adopting Hotel Ads with Equator is the cost efficient choice for all advertisers. We have removed the need for a third party provider to liaise between Google and our agency. Furthermore, our service will be managed by your dedicated PPC team who know you and your business.

Since adopting Google’s Hotel Ads we have already seen some fantastic results, particularly in terms of the rate that users convert at. Early results show that the Hotel Ads conversion rate currently sits 222% above our standard paid search activity. Users are incredibly engaged with the Hotel Ads, with bounce rates as low as 5%. Current PPC bounce rate is 29.36%, a near 500% increase on the Hotel Ads bounce rates.

Predictably, we have seen the bulk of Hotel Ads traffic (45%) come through mobile. The common theme we have detected is that conversion rates are far higher on Hotel Ads activity than on standard activity. There has been a lot of discussion in the industry around the increase of mobile traffic, whilst mobile conversion rates tend to struggle. Desktop and Tablet do convert better for Hotel Ads but when we compare the Hotel Ads mobile conversion rate to that of our standard activity, the Hotel Ads mobile conversion rate is far higher. We have seen mobile conversion rates sit as much as 55% higher than standard mobile conversion rates.

Within the Hotel Ads centre we also have access to user information such as average booking windows and the average number of nights a user stays at our clients’ hotel. We have already identified some key insights for our clients, such as the average booking window being almost twice as long on Tablet as it is on Desktop, with the average number of nights booked on tablet being less than that of both Desktop and Mobile. This information is easy to grab from the Hotel Ads Centre and will provide some further insights that will be beneficial to activity from other channels – not just Hotel Ads activity!

To summarise, Equator will always look to be at the forefront of search innovation. We have successfully adopted Google’s Hotel Ads for one of our leading hotel clients and are in the process of rolling this out further. This provides our clients with benefits such as cost saving and a guaranteed expert service. We have already seen success with this ad platform boasting strong conversion rates and extremely low bounce rates. Moreover, we will provide you with key insights into your users booking behaviour that will be applied to your integrated digital marketing strategy.