Equator BBQ: Disco fever

This year saw Equatorites and 999ers alike pull on their dancing shoes (or you know, welly boots) for a Disco Themed extravaganza at the annual Equator BBQ.
Equator BBQ 2017

Equator BBQ 2017

This year saw Equatorites and 999ers alike pull on their dancing shoes (or you know, welly boots) for a Disco Themed extravaganza at the annual Equator BBQ.

At 10:30am the office was a burst of colour and excitement as everyone compared their various 70s inspired garments while simultaneously trying to smear as much glitter as humanly possible on their faces – with some dazzling (and some disastrous) results. The great mystery of who exactly had ordered the ginormous disco wig to the office was solved by the arrival of Ian, who actually weirdly kind of suited an afro…

Moving on. After ensuring that the infamous giant five was tucked in safely at the back of the bus, we set off to Luss where our chariots were awaiting to whisk us off to our island paradise. However, as is tradition, some of the more easily distracted Equatorites were waylaid by a delightful hotel bar, much to the surprise of the wedding party that was already there preparing for the day ahead. We reckon that our body glitter and novelty shades blended in rather nicely though.

Once everyone had been rounded up and ushered on to the speedboats the party could properly begin at the island of Inchmurrin. Upon arrival, we were not only thrilled by the customary fully stocked cool boxes and tantalising barbeque smells – but also the new addition of a dashing dance floor on which to bust our disco moves.

From then we had a bit of time to settle down, grab a few beers and snap some selfies before food was served. Although for some of us who forgot our breakfast in all the excitement it was a matter of Stayin’ Alive while we waited for our delicious burgers, kebabs and the rest.

Once we were all fed and sufficiently watered, Stephen was finally allowed to take a dip in Loch Lomond – shortly followed by a handful of others who had had enough to drink to make this seem like a good idea.

Of course the giant number five made a glorious return as both a floating device and a secure place to prop up beers as we splashed about. Due to the dance floor’s close proximity to the water, some of the more vivacious dancers actually ended up in the loch a couple of times too. They were (mostly) very quick to jump back on land though.

Unfortunately, some of the swimmers came back to find that their dry clothes had somehow accidentally gone for a little paddle themselves, but (for once) the Scottish weather came to the rescue with a pleasantly warming afternoon to allow everyone to dry off in comfort.

The rest of the afternoon passed in a blur of dance-offs and beach games, and just a bit of rolling down hills for good measure. In no time at all, it was time to embark on the speedboat journey back to the mainland before the sun disappeared and the (bad kind of) Night Fever started to set in.

As usual, the wise decision was made that no-one from the party should be allowed to drive a boat home, no matter how many times they asked. The Amazing Days gang transported us all safely back to Luss, ensuring that no-one ended up in the Loch again (a challenging task on some of the livelier speedboats).

From then one bus load of people were safely delivered to Liberté Bar to continue the partying on dry land, while another bus somehow found themselves in deepest darkest Denniston. Not to be deterred though – the determined bunch managed to navigate their way back to find their fellow Equatorites – We Are Family after all…

So as usual, Sunday was struggle street for quite a few of us as everyone tried to scrub the excess glitter from their bodies and work out whose shoes they had come home with instead of their own, while whispering encouragingly to themselves “I Will Survive”.

Thanks to John, Garry and JJ for such a fantastic day (and for showing us all how it’s done on the dance floor.) And as always, the Equator Barbeque would be nothing without the Steering Committee and the aptly named Amazing Days who put it all together – so a big thanks to all of you too!

On an unrelated note we seem to be missing a giant pink number five, so if anyone see’s one kicking about Glasgow if you could return it to 58 Elliot Street that would be much appreciated… Knock On Wood!