Sean Mahon in Salecycle webinar

Last week I was lucky enough to guest on a travel webinar ‘How Do The World’s Biggest Travel Brands Convert Online?’ with Salecycle, the global leader in Email and On-Site Remarketing.

Joining me on the call was Caroline Oswald, Senior Enterprise Sales Manager at SaleCycle. As Affiliate Team Leader here at Equator, the majority of the client accounts my team work on are in the travel sector. One of the key things that affects the majority of travel brands competing in the online space is the record levels of abandonment that have crept up in recent years. In fact, the most up to date figures we have to hand show that over 80% of all online booking are abandoned. That’s 4 out of every 5 customers lost on average. Definitely not a figure we would want to be ignoring!

The purpose of our webinar was to address this broad issue of abandonment and how we can look to tackle it, both by employing Salecycle’s suite of onsite retargeting tools and looking at travel-specific incentives to encourage customers to complete their bookings online. We also looked at the broader travel landscape and the ongoing battle for direct bookings that we are currently experiencing. Rather than wheel out the old ‘Brand vs. OTA’ argument, we looked at positive ways to encourage direct bookings onsite beyond the tried and tested Best Rate Guarantee promise.

We also touched on hot topics such as Dynamic PPC ads, SMS remarketing and Loyalty schemes over the course of the 35min discussion. The webinar is now available on the Salecycle website, which you can check out by clicking the link below: