Importance of Micro Moments

It’s predicted that by 2019, mobile advertising will represent 72% of all digital ad spending. While this might seem like a huge number, it isn’t all that surprising when you consider the ubiquitous use of smartphones in our daily lives. Did you know for instance, that 50% of smartphone users start their day by reaching for their phones before they do anything else?

Google is well aware of the important part smartphones and other mobile devices play in our day-to-day lives, and so in 2015 Google’s content marketing team, Think with Google, introduced micro-moments. This is the name given to the tiny moments during the day where we turn to our smartphones to make purchases, ask questions, and discover new places and products.

Officially, micro-moments are divided into four distinct categories; I-want-to-know moments, I-want-to-go moments, I-want-to-buy moments and I-want-to-do moments. The main idea behind these distinctions is that consumers are likely to be more receptive to marketing messages when they have a want/need and are using a smartphone to address that need in the moment. For example, 70% of smartphone owners who bought something on the high street first turned to their devices for information relevant to that purchase. It is the role of marketers to understand how to design and optimise mobile content to meet the needs of their target audience during these moments.

I-Want-to-Know Moments

The I-want-to-know moment is the research moment. It’s when you’re looking to solve a problem or find the answer to a question. This category encompasses anything where information is the ultimate goal. Moments like these are the reason people searching for ‘how to’ videos on YouTube have grown 70% since 2013.


This moment is vitally important for local searches because the intent of this search is always going to be about finding a certain location. For marketers working in SEO this will be increasingly relevant in making businesses appear at the top of local rankings.

I-Want-to-Buy Moments

This is probably the micro-moment with the most intent behind it as users are likely to be ready to make a purchase they’ve thought about previously. A well placed review at the right time, could steer them away from a competitor’s product and onto yours.

I-Want-to-Do Moments