Olivia Taylor: work experience

Earlier this year, Olivia Taylor and Rebecca Gilchrist from Eastwood High School spent the week at Equator learning about all things digital. Here's what Olivia had to say about her experience!

Day one

On the first day of my work experience at Equator I was shown around the building and had a brief tour of the different suites. I am interested in web development and enjoy coding and programming so spent most of the day with the dev team. I met Louise and Carole who showed me what they are currently working on and explained the kinds of things they do. I also got to learn some new programming languages on Code Academy which allowed me to start building my own website. Everything was a lot more relaxed than I first imagined and all the people were so friendly and welcoming.

Day two

On the second day I continued with learning how to code on Code Academy and I also got to see some of the projects that are being worked on. It was really interesting to see everything that goes into creating websites for businesses as there is a lot more involved than I thought, for example I never realised that during the process of making a website you had to constantly be testing everything that you’ve implemented and thinking of all the possible things that a user could input and how that could go wrong.

Day three

On the third day I met Euan who is part of the SEO team, he gave a presentation on the ins and outs of SEO and told me a bit about how he ended up working for Equator. Before doing work experience with Equator I had never heard of SEO but I now have an understanding of what it is and how it works. The presentation was really interesting and I learnt a lot from it. I was then given the task of writing a blog, this was a good experience as I had never written a blog post before so I found it pretty hard to think of a topic and a place to start but I soon got the hang of it and was happy with the results. I was also given the task of building a micro-site. I have only ever completed tutorials on Code Academy so it was really good to get the chance to try out the skills I’d picked up over the last few days and attempt to create a website from scratch. It was a lot more challenging than I expected but it was really fun and I learnt a lot from having to go back and edit bits of code that weren’t doing what I wanted them to do.

Day four

On the fourth day I met Jarod who works in the innovation team. He showed me the kinds of things he deals with and showed me different bots and cool tech that he is experimenting with. He introduced me to things like beacons and explained how they could be useful in loads of different industries. It was really cool to see all the things that bots can be programmed to do and has made me want to go out and buy an Amazon Echo to see what I can do with it!

Day five