UNCOVERED: our INSP exhibition

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Spanning across two floors of The Lighthouse in Glasgow, UNCOVERED: still homeless, still an issue was launched with a message of “dignity and love”.

The exhibition was launched on the 9th of February by Maree Aldam, chief executive of INSP, Angela Constance, Cabinet Secretary for Social Security and Equalities, and Equator’s own CCO and co-founder James Jefferson.

James explained “We thought this exhibition should be about dignity and love.

“It is about shifting the needle back to the correct side, to a place that when we see someone with a Big Issue tabard and we hear about what INSP is doing, we feel inspired to lean in and take part, embracing it, rather than walk away from it.”

The free, interactive exhibition which runs until April 9, is the first time audiences have had the opportunity to explore the outstanding design of the world’s 110 street papers and the story behind the global street paper movement.

The exhibition showcases covers from The Big Issue’s first edition in September 1991 to the world’s newest street paper, The Springs Echo, launched early this year in Colorado Springs by a former vendor.

Interactive elements allow visitors to experience life as a vendor, from a 360° video on the streets of London, and put you in the shoes of a vendor being ignored on the streets.

The Equator design team played a big role in creating the interactive exhibition and you can check out their installation video over on the Equator Facebook page.