Has Trump made Twitter great again

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So, Trump is President. More divisive than Marmite, so far he’s banned countries, imposed new sanctions and, erm, tweeted a lot.

Like, seriously a lot.

Fifty-two times in the past week, to be exact.

His fans hang on every word, as do his haters (all the trolls live there right now) – and so do the journalists.

If you saw his now infamous ‘see you in court’ tweet…to the courts, you’ll know that what he says on social has an unnerving ability to go viral, spawning hundreds of articles.

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It has been suggested that some newspapers are asking reporters to keep an eye on Trump’s Twitter feed, just in case he tweets anything through the night that could make the front page – especially after his early-morning posts to General Motors and other car companies, asking them to keep manufacturing in the US. (Spoiler alert – they’re now keeping manufacturing in the US).

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All his tweeting as President is unusual (before being sworn in, he said to CBS about social media “I’m going to do very restrained, if I use it at all,”) but you have to admit, it is good for Twitter.

As a channel, rumours of Twitter’s death have been flying around for years. February even saw the channel post its slowest revenue growth since it went public four years ago.

But is all that set to change?

The company reported a four per cent increase in followers year on year, and as Trump’s popularity (notoriety?) grows, his Twitter grows alongside. Before the election, @readDonaldTrump had 13m followers. On 20 January, he had 21m followers – and this number is still growing.

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey is enthusiastic about the President’s tweets and what it can mean for the channel: "The President's use of Twitter has broadened the awareness of how the platform can be used, and it shows the power of Twitter. When he tweets, it sparks conversation and discussion."

So, is Trump making Twitter great again?

He is broadening awareness of the platform, and bringing it back to the forefront as a place for journalists to look for news – but it isn’t a change that can be made by one person.

Maybe we will see a bigger change in the Q1 results for the year, but at the moment, claims of any effect on Twitter are just trumped up.