Has Trump made Twitter great again

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So, Trump is President. More divisive than Marmite, so far he’s banned countries, imposed new sanctions and, erm, tweeted a lot.

Like, seriously a lot.

Fifty-two times in the past week, to be exact.

His fans hang on every word, as do his haters (all the trolls live there right now) – and so do the journalists.

If you saw his now infamous ‘see you in court’ tweet…to the courts, you’ll know that what he says on social has an unnerving ability to go viral, spawning hundreds of articles.

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It has been suggested that some newspapers are asking reporters to keep an eye on Trump’s Twitter feed, just in case he tweets anything through the night that could make the front page – especially after his early-morning posts to General Motors and other car companies, asking them to keep manufacturing in the US. (Spoiler alert – they’re now keeping manufacturing in the US).

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