Equator creates INSP exhibit

Equator has partnered with the international charity, International Network of Street Papers (INSP) to create a unique, interactive exhibition at the Lighthouse in Glasgow.

Launching as part of INSP’s #VendorWeek 2017, the exhibition – UNCOVERED: still homeless, still an issue – will be the first time that audiences have had the opportunity to explore the outstanding design of street papers and the story behind the global street paper movement.

INSP is made up of 110 street papers across the globe, with their headquarters based in Glasgow. #VendorWeek is INSP’s annual, global celebration of the 10,000 men and women who are currently selling street papers.

The exhibition will be the first of its kind, celebrating the people, stories and creativity behind the world’s street papers.

The interactive exhibition combines Equator’s innovative use of technology with our fantastic creative skills to leave visitors filled with pride that this amazing network is based right here on our doorstep, as well as leaning in next time they see a street paper vendor, rather than looking away.

With an estimated 35,000 homeless people in Scotland alone, the exhibition is close to the hearts of many within the agency, including chief creative officer and Equator co-founder, James Jefferson.

“The heart of the street paper network is in Glasgow but its reach is truly global – bringing dignity and hope to people all over the world. As a global business, also headquartered here in Glasgow, we’re immensely proud to be able to play a part in their story.

“The exhibition gives our teams here at Equator the chance to give back to the community and highlight an issue that’s not only right here on our doorstep – but global.”

James added: “Equator is all about ideas that make a difference. Usually we’re solving problems for businesses but it’s amazing when you can create something that directly makes people’s lives better. With this exhibition, we hope to achieve that by bringing to life the creativity, stories and people behind this remarkable movement.”

The exhibition will launch on Thursday, 9 February. Tickets are available for the launch night, as well as events throughout the exhibition and can be found on the INSP website.

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