Sun shines on Equator!

The annual Equator barbecue is always a day to remember...well, depending on how many drinks you've had. So what happened this year?

Due to the success of last year’s Hawaiian shirts from the dev department, the theme for this year’s Equator BBQ was decided to be “Shite Shirts” – with some outstanding responses.

We painted a colourful picture with the 999 Design team on Saturday morning as we loudly meandered our way through the formerly peaceful village of Luss, from the bus to the speedboats.

Although everyone’s shirts were indeed quite shite – special acknowledgements must be extended to Aishling and Gareth, who really encapsulated the theme with their edgy fashion choices.

Before the usual exciting speedboat trip across to our party island, some Equatorites were waylaid by a charming pub where they picked up some fashion accessories that would foretell the rest of the day’s events.

Finally after some exciting (but remarkably dry!) speedboat races – we all made it across to the island of Inchmurrin relatively unscathed, but ravenously hungry. We were greeted by the welcome smell of a fantastic BBQ put on by the ‘Amazing Days’ team, and for a while we all put down our Coronas so as to fully concentrate on the delicious burgers, kebabs and seafood that was on offer.

Unfortunately it would appear that some of the boys’ mothers never informed them to let their food rest for an hour before swimming, and before long the annual splash around in Loch Lomond had begun to take place.

At Equator big numbers are at the heart of everything that we do, and our Summer BBQ is no exception, with the large foam digits that normally decorate our office being utilised as floats and dancing platforms. Stu from design even managed to turn a 5 into a nifty floating bar, as he paddled his way around the loch.

2016 saw a break in tradition from the lashing rain of previous years and we were treated to a warm afternoon of drinks, dancing and general celebrations in the sun. It didn’t take us long to get the party in full flow with a makeshift dance floor that saw some killer breakdancing moves, a couple of pirouettes and, of course, the return of Fun-Time-Paul.

Sadly the spell of glorious weather was not to last, and we soon found ourselves in the all too familiar position of continuing the party in the rain. Fortunately previous BBQs have prepared us for such eventualities and we used all of our innovative skills to adapt our outfits to suit the weather’s whimsical changes.

There were some questionable attempts.

All too soon it was time to head back to the bus, and it was a bedraggled but delighted bunch that hopped onto the speedboats for a slightly tipsier return journey to the mainland.

The bus back to Glasgow passed in a blur of sing songs, chatter and general excitement before we all arrived back at Equator Headquarters to continue the party. Kind of.

The hardier of us powered on till the wee hours in the morning at the Berkeley Suite, the majority of us however retreated to our cosy beds to begin nursing the hangovers and dreading the inevitable Facebook photo tagging that would plague our Sunday morning newsfeeds.

As always – thanks to John, Garry and James for an incredible day and to Lucy, Fiona, Will, Eilidh and Adam for pulling it all together. Loch Lomond - we’ll be seeing you next year and we can’t wait.