A day in the life at Equator PR

Want to know what our PR and Social team get up to on a daily basis? As Aileen Larkin explains, it’s safe to say that no two days are ever the same.

Want to know what our PR and Social team get up to on a daily basis? As our PR & Social Consultant Aileen has found, no two days are ever the same...

Dear Diary,

I have decided to take a more orderly approach to my professional life at Equator PR and have therefore scheduled my tasks for the day ahead to help me keep on track.

08:45: Breakfast while catching up with emails and social news

09:15: Team meeting

10:00: Travel content plan

11:00: Catch up with journalist contacts

12:00: Offsite management of new restaurant opening

13:00: Eat packed lunch

13:55: Fill in time sheet

14:00: Secure images for rebranding of vet hospital

15:00: Back to office to share images on social

15:30: Helping out with the creation of an advert for client

16:30: Friday drinks

16:55: Fill in time sheet

17:01: Go home

By taking this approach I feel that I can better manage my time making it easier to fill in my timesheets as I go and therefore won’t have to struggle to remember what I’ve being doing at the end of the day. I will let you know how the new super-organised me gets on tomorrow.


Dear Diary,

08:45: Breakfast while catching up with emails and social news Screw your Rice Krispies – Alyson has sent a call round for morning rolls. Thank god working at this place comes with a free gym membership. What’s that? Yeah, ‘course I’ll have a coconut latte with that, what am I, some kind of animal?! Oooh, looks like Pokemon Go is now available in the UK? I should probably look into that…

09:15: Generic team meeting Scrap that – we’ve just had a really cool opportunity through from Biz Dev. Social Media & PR team ASSEMBLE! We’re going to hold a super powered brainstorm to bounce around ideas that will help us nab this client – Gotta catch ‘em all!

10:00: Ooops. This brainstorm is running over a bit… Do you reckon it’s too farfetched to host a stunt involving a tweeting skydiver? Be honest.

10:05: Yeah – too far.

10:15: GOTTIT! That’s our pitch, niiiiice. Now what was it I was supposed to be doing right now…

10:16: OH yeah! I was making a content plan for one of our travel clients for… ooh, ORLANDO - that’s pretty exciting. If I was in Universal Studios RIGHT NOW what ride would I go on first? Probably Harry Potter, let’s not lie. I’m going to ask Neil… Right, who goes straight to the food court when they get to a theme park?! I guess everyone is different…WHAAAH, that’s it! Embed a Universal Studios themed personality quiz on Facebook “What Kind of Ride Are You?”

10:18: I need to rethink that title, don’t I?

10:20: How did I forget to factor in tea breaks? Who wants a coffee?

10:50: YES content plan done. And just in time – we just managed to secure an impromptu interview opportunity for our client, Miss Scotland, down at Quayside – off I go.

11:00: Phone calls to catch up with and develop new journalist contacts Well this is never realistically going to happen now – at least not in the way I planned. Got chatting to some people from the TV broadcasting company that are interviewing Miss Scotland. That’s another couple of contacts to add to the phone book.

11:50: Time to jump back to the office. Oh look, I found a Bulbasaur, I’m finally a real life Pokemon trainer. SAWEET.

11:58: I need coffee again.

12:00: Offsite management of new restaurant opening So I’ll send out the press release for this right now, and we’ve already organised for press to attend to event… Social posts are out… how else can we connect with possible consumers in the area?

12:05 Tinder. Everyone loves Tinder, and food. Can’t go wrong

12:10: Okaaaay. Tinder profile set up with a tasty profile image of a kebab! Let’s set up some lunch dates.

12:15: YASSS! Our first match. Hello David, 25, want to spice up your lunchtime?

12:35: Tea break. I don’t even drink tea – but coffee break just doesn’t sound right.

12:45: After numerous kebab related puns Tinder seem to have caught on and we are now locked out. Damn. Ah well - it was fun while it lasted. I’m slightly raging that I got more matches as a kebab than as a person though.

13:00: Eat packed lunch I don’t know why I even tried to pretend that this would happen. It’s a Friday and Lebowski’s have a £5 lunch deal – TEAM LUNCH! AND I can look out for Pokemon on the way there. I’m just hoping Ishbel stops me before I absentmindedly walk into traffic.

13:02: Damn. Ishbel downloaded the app too.

13:55: Fill in timesheets Back in the office but I literally can’t. I have to scoot off to…

14:00: Secure images for opening of new vet hospital: We’ve had a bus branded with our vet client’s messaging and we’ve got like 10 puppies jumping about on it to take photos of. Ahhh they’re so cute – do you reckon anyone would notice if I stole this little one? Best not. Right, sit still so we can take your photo!

15:00: Whooossh. Back in the office. Got the images. Time to draft social posts to accompany them, get them approved, and ping them out across the channels.

15:28: Beer? Damn. Still not time yet. Ah well. Another coffee.

15:30: Helping out with the creation of an advert for client: Right I’m here, and I’m ready – but why are there real life little chicks in the office? Not that I’m complaining I just don’t know how this is going to fit into the adve… Ah. Green Screen. Awesome. Let’s get started.

16:25: So the design team filmed the chicks pecking about the place, so that they could enlarge them and superimpose them on a background of us running about terrified in fear of the giant chicks that are invading our city. Seems legit.

16:30: YAAY Friday drinks. Ah look at that – this one didn’t get shuffled about...

16:55: Fill in timesheets. I should probably do this now, I’ll just look at my schedule I made yesterday…ah. Okay. This is more complicated than I thought it would be.

17:01: Go home. Yeah, not likely – it’s Gin O’clock and Finnieston was voted the coolest place to live in Britain for a reason. Now, where to start the weekend…

So I’ve discovered that it’s pretty impossible to schedule your day when you work at Equator PR, but I’ve also discovered that this is not necessarily a bad thing. With all the contrasting clients that we work with and all the innovative ideas bouncing around – there’s never a dull moment.

We do everything you would expect of a Social Media and PR agency – there’s press releases, media relations, social reporting and all the rest of it – but there’s also always a way to add an interesting twist to your day to day tasks.

So while it might be difficult to predict what’s coming, at least I can always be sure that it won’t be what I did yesterday.

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