My work experience with the PR team

Emily Smith expected lots shadowing and odd jobs in her work experience at Equator but it turned out the PR & Social team had a lot more in store for her!

‘What are your plans for after University?’ – The question every student, like myself, dreads to be asked, which results in us questioning our entire future.

I must say I envy the people that do a vocational degree that constitutes an inevitable end from their chosen subject. I study International Business Management at Robert Gordon University in Aberdeen and, unlike a lot of my friends, I love my degree and I can honestly say there is nothing else I would rather be studying – yet, not surprisingly, there are many options in the world of business.

It wasn’t until my study abroad when my subject choices landed me in many branding and marketing classes. After a lecture from a marketing agency that worked with brands from Air France to Louis Vuitton – I was hooked. I’ve always been very creative, I just needed to put two and two together. It was the real life examples that brought the theory to life for me, companies such as Apple or L Brands – brands that affect my everyday life.

Brainstorming ideas on the sneaky but brilliant psychology behind what makes us purchase, click on or watch an advertisement – I loved it! Keen to gain as much experience as I could in the marketing and PR sector, testing if the love was real or just a holiday romance, I worked hard to secure a couple of weeks but wanted something more than just a flavour.

I was keen to gain experience at an agency. Time was ticking as this is the last summer before the security of student life throws me into the white noise that is graduate job applications. Researching the best marketing agencies in Glasgow – Equator was at the top. I became intrigued with the environment - such a successful, yet approachable agency that oozed creative and modern genius. Without hesitation, I constructed my email to Neil McDonald, Head of PR, subtly begging for any experience at all.

I secured a four week internship, I expected to be shadowing, being given the odd jobs and twiddling my thumbs - how wrong I was and was welcomed into the PR team with open-arms. Arriving Monday morning, dressed to impress - in black, on the hottest day in Glasgow - only to be met with a ‘casual Friday feel’. I should have guessed - it was Equator, a creative hub, suits were not the uniform of creative minds.

I’ve been working on social media posts, writing blogs, being able to speak up in brainstorms and drafting press releases for amazing clients. Being able to watch spit balling of ideas transform into a pitch to clients and not to mention attending Equator Academy. I’ve enjoyed working on social media, learning about viral campaigns, interactive competitions and how they keep track of them (I didn’t know casually clicking on a Facebook ad would all be recorded somewhere!).

Why Equator? I wanted to gain experience in an agency, meaning they have many different clients and, in correlation, a variety of projects. It allows Equator to pitch ideas, keeping everyone on their toes. Creativity can never be wrong, something that runs out or a skill you lose – coming up with new ideas is a problem I enjoy having, I believed Equator and I have that in common. As my old Dad always says: ‘You are a product of your environment’ – I have never felt that more than I do here, bouncing ideas off each other, one person inspiring another to create something amazing, it really makes you want to be better!

I admit, I had some high expectations for the Equator agency but was not disappointed (it helped that the PR team are pretty darn fabulous). There has never been a dull moment, my four weeks have very much reinforced my love for this sector of business and inspired my future and as I head back for my final year in the Granite City. You may think I’m slightly biased, due to the fact that they may read this, but full disclosure – I have, honestly, had the best experience and am grateful Neil took a chance, I hope they haven’t seen the last of me.

By Emily Smith, PR & Social Media Intern.

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