How Sean came to work at Equator

In 2008, Affiliate Team Leader Sean Mahon left Ireland for the UK and began a journey that saw him living in a Travelodge before settling in sunny Glasgow!

I left Ireland in 2008 to chance my arm at working abroad in the UK. At the time I was working in Schuh, the high street footwear retailer, and was 6 months fresh from graduating with an Arts degree from NUI Galway. At the time my career goals centred on a delicate balancing act of band practice, my shifts for the week and what time the Charcoal Grill on Cross Street closed.

All that was to change when I was given the opportunity to interview for the role of Site Content Editor at the Schuh headquarters in Livingston, West Lothian. I have always had a love for fashion and trainers in particular, and I figured with my degree in English that I would be up for the job of writing copy and product descriptions for the Schuh site. I was flown over on a Wednesday and locked in a room with a selection of new deliveries to describe, offered the job on the Thursday and packed my bags and flew over to Edinburgh on the Sunday. The next two weeks saw me living in the Travelodge in Haymarket, Alan Partridge-style, contemplating my new life in the UK.

I’m happy to say the three years I spent at Schuh were awesome. I was able to progress from my role in site content to take on the job of being the company’s first Affiliate Manager. This led to getting out the office quite a bit, meeting networks and affiliates as well as attending the big industry events. It was certainly a far cry from getting buried under a pile of size 12 Timberlands in the Shop Street store room!

I was able to take what I learned at Schuh and bring it down south for my new life at Urban Industry, the UK’s leading independent streetwear retailer. I was already a huge fan of the store, so to have the opportunity to apply what I learned in a busy e-commerce environment and transfer it to UI was amazing. It also helped that I was living right on the sunny southeast coast, just down the road from Brighton!

After about three years I realised I actually really missed harsh Scottish winters and deep-fried everything and so was left with little option other than to pack my bags and head back up north. I settled on Glasgow this time and to be honest I wasn’t really sure where I wanted to go career-wise. Luckily enough, I landed at Equator having worked with a couple of their folk back at Schuh and only ever hearing good reports about them. I was given the responsibility of heading up the affiliate marketing team here and defining our strategies for clients across a broad range of sectors. In the 18 months or so I’ve been at Equator I’ve been lucky enough to work on everything from boutique hotels to computer memory and everything in between! Agency life is totally different from being client side, and no two days are alike. I would definitely recommend it for those looking for a challenge and a dynamic environment to thrive in!