How Aileen came to work at Equator

This week, Aileen Larkin remembers being terrified of getting stuck in a job that didn't interest her. Luckily for her, she ended up at Equator!

We've heard how Stacy Nelson, SEO Manager, and Martin Jordan, Innovation Director, ended up at Equator. This week we hear from Aileen Larkin, who has been a PR & Social Media Consultant since April 2015, following a week of work experience with the Equator PR team.

I finished my degree in English Literature and Spanish at the University of Glasgow in June 2014, and by July I was having a full on meltdown about what to do next.

My university friends were more or less split into two groups; those who had done a vocational degree and could already see into the next ten years of their life, and those who were quite happy to muck along in their part-time jobs until something better came their way.

I didn’t really belong to either category.

I had no idea what kind of career I wanted to pursue and was terrified of getting stuck in something that didn’t interest me, but on the other hand I was desperate to get started in my first “Big Girl” job.

The frenzy of applying for graduate jobs in the lead up to exams kind of passed me by, as I didn’t have a clue where to start looking and anything that I heard my friends talking about just blended into a white noise of “generic corporate”.

After I graduated I continued with my part-time bar and receptionist work while aimlessly searching for possible job applications, and somewhere along the line I managed to secure a week’s work experience at Equator.

I wasn’t really sure what I was going into, I just reasoned that it would be good to get a bit of experience of the real life working world that I could cite on my CV. So I prepared myself for a week of making coffee, doing odd jobs and subtly working out how the hell to use an Excel sheet.

What actually happened was my complete submersion in the industry life at Equator.

I was writing copy for new and exciting websites, interviewing remarkable people for case studies, drafting reactive social posts for incredible brands and creating my very own blog for a client.

I had accidentally stumbled into the perfect job that used both my brain and my imagination. I loved the constant buzzing of ideas, the wide variation of projects and how every day came with a different task.

Before I started, my only experience of being a PR was handing out flyers to students for one pound drinks on a Thursday night. I wasn’t prepared for the exciting world of brainstorming, communication and social media that Equator introduced me to - the drinks in Finnieston were also a wee bit more expensive.

The week flew past and all too soon my work experience was over, but I wasn’t done learning and pretty much begged to come in one day a week extra to keep working on the projects that I had been introduced to.

By this point I had realised that Equator was where I wanted to be, and I was determined to do anything I could to get there.

I started ardently applying for other digital agency jobs in order to hopefully rack up enough experience to come back and work for Equator in a couple of years.

However much to my irrepressible glee, the Social Media and PR team seemed to like the work that I was doing as much as I liked doing it, and after just a few weeks of my extra work experience I was offered a full-time graduate job.

Skip on a year and a hell of a lot of learning, and I’m now a fully-fledged member of the Equator team.

What some might have classified as my initial lack of direction ended up take me on exactly the kind of journey that I had always wanted.

By Aileen Larkin, PR & Social Media Consultant.