Evolution of the Delivery team

Production Co-ordinator Ellie Kynaston describes the evolution of the Delivery team and gives an insight into how Equator deliver projects for clients.

When I first started at Equator back in January 2014, I came into the client servicing team as a graduate trainee with open arms. Within the team, I made my digital foundations for my future. I built up a knowledge bank of client workings and small project management skills. Whilst in the Client Servicing team, I was able to gain the experience of how to work with the client on all their deliverables across both their marketing campaigns and web development projects.

With Equator evolving into an ideas company for the connected world, there was a structural change across the agency in June 2015, where specialist industry teams were created, covering Hotels, Finance, Utilities and Projects.

To support the transition the account executives from the client servicing team moved into the delivery team. This brought the client servicing team down to a specific number, so that they could home in on ideas and opportunities for their clients whilst the Project Management team went from being a small team into a larger delivery production team.

The delivery team is now responsible for the delivery of each client project within our sector starting with the first brief in from the client and taking it right through to the finished project.

We interact with the internal project team on a daily basis, and also speak with the client to ensure their projects are running smoothly, we also ensure that all information both the client and the Equator project team need will be delivered.

With this change in structure for Equator, I believe the skills that I built up within the client servicing team have really helped in my delivery of large scale marketing campaigns and web development projects.

I believe that the Delivery team has taken on a lot of changes in how we work as a team as well as developing the processes for running client projects. These processes and elements are utilised each day on projects and help us provide the client with a well-defined project solution for their websites and campaigns, whilst also maintaining the client’s objectives and message.

Over the past year the delivery team has grown, both in size and expertise, which has helped both the growth of the teams’ expertise in all things digital but it has also helped support Equator’s growth.

Learnings from both current and past projects are passed throughout the team so that key points can be taken away, giving each member a greater insight into different aspects of our digital projects and workings.

The production role that I have taken on since my move over from Client servicing last year has helped me develop my client skills further along with helping me improve upon my project management delivery skills. From documentation, tasks lists, internal steer within the team and also negotiating the best options for the client project each element I believe is something that is key to any Delivery team. I believe that this all-round change has helped me in my growth as a ‘digital expert’ giving me the learnings and experience to conduct both campaigns and web development projects with both skill and experience from both myself and the Delivery team that surrounds me.

By Ellie Kynaston, Production Co-ordinator.