How to be creative on social

Social Media Manager Fiona Kirkcaldy highlights that no matter what industry your business is in, there are opportunities to be creative on social media.

I’ll let you in on a little known fact: creativity isn’t exclusively owned by creative industries. Your product or service might not be #instaglam but that doesn’t mean you can’t slay on social with a killer creative strategy.

Regardless of what industry you operate in, there are always opportunities to create content that captivates and educates your target market and conveys your campaign message as well as your core brand values.

Know Your Market

The first step to any good strategy is to know your market inside out: what’s their motive for using your brand? How do they interact with your product? What type of content resonates with them on their social networks? Understanding your audience is the first step towards engaging with your audience.

Western Union understood that their customers connected their brand with the reasons why they send money across the world. Running campaigns that were focused around these reasons enabled the brand to build an emotional connection with its customers. Their #WUHomeCooked campaign filmed customers discussing food, family and culture at its Times Square branch, three customers were then surprised with home cooked meals from top chefs, and given plane tickets home.

Don’t be afraid to be disruptive, as long as you know what your customers will engage with, you can disrupt, captivate and stay true to your brand values.

Find Your Unique Angle

Blendtec know that its customers often wonder “can you blend an iPhone?”, and if they didn’t, they do now! Kitchen equipment isn’t typically fun or captivating but Blendtec’s creative Will it Blend content marketing campaign won it a host of social followers and awards. Its series of videos with the company’s founder blending unusual items took an everyday item like the humble kitchen blender, and used it to grab users’ attention by finding a new and interesting way to bring its product to life.

FedEx is another great example of a brand which is engaging well on social. Their Instagram profile lives up to its mission statement: “FedEx Delivering a more colourful, connected world”.

The delivery company could have posted standard images of its vans and planes, but instead it posts visually engaging images of its delivery fleet in interesting locations across the world. This gives its audience a reason to follow and like its account. Images like the one in the following example typically gain over a thousand likes – not bad for a delivery company.

What’s your unique angle? What makes your brand special? Make your product stand out from the competition by looking for ways to excite, entertain or engage.

It’s What You Say AND How You Say It

Knowing what social media sites your target market use, and understanding what type of content works best on these social channels is the key to turning your creative ideas into community building, revenue driving campaigns.

Remember, not all social channels suit all types of content, and not all social sites suit all types of brands. It’s essential to understand what type of content your audience will pay attention to on each social media site and question if the way users communicate on each platform i.e. images, text, video, etc., will effectively deliver your campaign message and tell your brand’s story.

As part of our award winning (not that we like to brag) social strategy for AXA PPP healthcare to raise awareness of its Dedicated Nurse service for cancer patients, we launched the “Little Big Things” campaign. Social activity focused around the “Little Big Things” AXA PPP healthcare’s nurses do to support patients. We created a unique Facebook pinboard to capitalise on its strong Facebook following and build a supportive social community for patients by encouraging users to post their own tips and advice on the board.

Even when dealing with a sensitive topic, you can use social media to not only engage but, to support and provide valuable advice and educational content.