Becoming a Display Executive

Display Executive Jess Strachan reflects on her journey from a marketing graduate to display executive and describes what she loves about the role.

Casting my mind back to my final year at university, I never thought for one moment that I’d be working for Scotland’s largest digital agency and living in the lively city of Glasgow, but six months on and here I am, sitting in the trendy Finnieston Equator base and I’m so glad to be a part of it all.

The thought of transitioning from a graduate to full-time Display Executive and simultaneously moving to a new city was a little nerve-racking, but something I was extremely excited to do and I’d recommend any future yo-pro seeking their first step in the world of marketing to get a foot in the door of an agency like Equator.

I never knew what the work of a Display Executive entailed before joining Equator, in fact, I had never even heard of the role before my interview and I have to admit, my friends and family still don’t fully understand what I do. The usual response is “oh that sounds like a fancy title, but what exactly is it?” Well, in short, it’s the UK’s fastest growing advertising medium.

As a Display Executive I work on a number of display campaigns for a variety of clients – from hotels to gaming, funeral plans to vets, the dynamic mix of clients does keep things interesting! Our online campaigns run across a number of platforms and it’s important to maintain close relationships with a number of publishers who operate these platforms - in Team Display we have contacts in all the right places boasting a 350+ publisher network (perks of course include free luncheons and brunch networking events!). So if you love chatting away to new people and are a comfortable networker then Display is certainly for you!

My favourite element of my role is the creativity and opportunity to be innovative, being trusted to go away, research then put together a marketing proposal for a prospective client and seeing the end result is highly rewarding. Creating mock-up display ads, writing ad copy and phoning up publishers for quotes is all part of the role of Display Executive and it’s sometimes a balancing act so a ‘To Do’ list is a must.

It is also vital that as a team we continually recognise the latest industry developments as well as using leading tools such as the best ad-serving and reporting technologies (out of the many we’ve tried Double Click is our favourite!) and marketing analytics tools - Comscore is a life saver when it comes to pulling together pitches and suggesting stand-out display campaigns. Display plays a vital role in the Marketing Mix and there are lots of exciting movements in the industry - this year UK Programmatic display ad spending will surpass £2 billion and social display advertising revenue reached $8.4 billion last year - these trends are only set to continue. Here at Equator, we use some of the largest programmatic networks in the world to run campaigns across multiple countries and we’re also exploring new developments in social ads such as Instagram and Snapchat to allow our clients to get in on the action!

One thing I learnt before interviewing for my role at Equator is how important it is to regularly read-up on all things digital and to be knowledgeable about the newest cutting-edge trends. Subscribing to sites like, and in your spare time will help you stay in the know, this is something that as Display Executive I do on a daily basis which is further supported with regular internal and external training sessions.

One of the most valuable things about working within Equator’s ever-expanding marketing team is the opportunity to learn about so many elements of digital on a daily basis – from pulling together integrated client pitches with SEO, PPC and affiliates, to learning about building creative with design and implementing pixels on websites with dev – no two days are the same. It’s also motivating to be surrounded by so many innovative individuals who are keen to develop new ideas and adapt to change, something Equator continually encourages. So if you’re keen to be a part of an agency that is bursting with ideas and continually expanding, then Equator is the one.

By Jess Strachan, Display Executive.